Posting elders names involved in your dismissal

by Tyrone van leyen 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • ozziepost

    I think we should add that posting elders' names is quite unnecessary; what is important is the actons, not the names. The actions will speak volumes of the evil done in the name of "the Organisation"™


    We understand the anger, but decisions made in anger are rarely wise ones IMO. Welcome aboard and we hope that JWD is a real help to you as you make your journey to freedom.

    Cheers, Ozzie


    Tyrone..The posters here make some very valid points..This is a cyber home to many,including myself.We must do everything possible to protect it..Welcome to the board...OUTLAW

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    One more question for this thread for anyone who might come here. What is an acceptable length for a bio, where should i post it, and is it too early in the game. I have funny feelings about getting sympathy from anyone. Do I need it maybe,but there are others i'm sure who have been hurt worse. It's nice to have people though who can relate to me even in small ways and I do enjoy reading others stories. All I have to do now is remove incriminating names and take out 10,000 swear words and were off to the races

  • Woodsman

    You could write an editorial in the local newspaper relating your true experience and use the names of your local minsters who disfellowshipped you. Catholic priests have their names in the news all the time.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Wanna here something really weird, I just broke down and cried. That happens once every ten years for me. What the hell's going on. I live by myself and i'm just typing on a friggin computer.

  • Amazing

    Posting the truth and using people's names, is not libel. But, if the person named decides to legally challenge the poster, then the poster must be able to prove the truth. As noted above by Restrangled, the process could force the board owner to then reveal the name and e-mail address of the poster to those bringing legal action. In order to avoid being hasseled, I used fictious names, places, and dates for my exit experience postings, my justice series, etc. However, whenever I praised a JW, I used their real name in some cases, because I felt that they deserved the tribute. And, it is extremely rare that a libel case would be brought for saying something nice about someone.

    Jim Whitney

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I just did it again, I think i'm touched by the love here, or maybe i'm cracking up. I truly thought nobody in their hearts gave a shit. strange,scary.

  • hubert
    Wanna here something really weird, I just broke down and cried. That happens once every ten years for me. What the hell's going on.

    I think it's because you just discovered you have a whole bunch of new friends.

    Welcome, friend.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Getting the validation from others is what so many of us missed as WT slaves. It isn't at all surprising that some of your long pent up emotions are spilling over.

    It might not feel like it but it is GOOD that you can get in touch with your feelings. Expect a whole gamut of feelings as you go through this.

    It can feel scary, strange and wrong. But a history of being forced to be "happy" will push down all normal feeling.

    Don't the JWs often use a scripture about "not having natural affection"? I think they need to point that towards themselves

    JWD offers a lot of support to those who need it.

    As for your story - post it under Personal Experiences.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    Please do express your story, its healthy to let it out. It may well be as helpful to others as theirs was to you. You are right, shorter is better unless you leave out things that must be said. I'd say, just edit it down to those points that are pertinent. Don't write void of emotion, just don't give in to the anger that destroys your narrative.

    From your expressions it sounds as if you are letting yourself decompress from all the tension and pent up frustration and hurt. That's not a bad thing at all. I think you should post here as often as you need. IN addition I suggest you find someone understanding that you know to spend some time with. Many here felt some of the things you are feeling now. Even if you don't celebrate the holidays it can be a lonely time of year.

    Remember, you are not worthless, you are not perfect... THEY ARE NOT PERFECT, regardless of their self appraisal. I wont get all Karma and the like on you, but find a way to relax and think about all the positive things ahead in your life. You have freedom from oppression and groupthink. You have the freedom to disagree with people and not feel as if you are letting down the friggin universe. Now you have a forum full of crazy and insane folks who have been crapped on like you. (some are pretty damn funny too!)

    Deep breaths, type slow and let us know what's on your mind. Leave the names out for sure.


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