Anyone still have an old "call book"?

by Ariel84 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Ariel84

    Talking stones or JWs don't really make the list of things I would like to see on my doorstep. Maybe a basket full of puppies, a million dollars ,or George Clooney; but definitely not a JW.

  • jayhawk1

    Okay, point taken. How about if I reword the question...

    Which would you be more impressed with...

    ... a talking stone?

    ... a poorly dressed JW with the latest Watchtower?

    ... or the Rolling Stones?

  • Ariel84

    I'm still not that impressed with those choices. What else can I pick from?

  • jayhawk1

    Sorry, but if you don't like my list, you give me no choice but to give you answer (D) Guy Pierce of the Governing Body...

    You made me do it.

    I'm sorry.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    That was one of the first things to go! Kept the book, but ripped out all the calls. Thinking of pitching the book because of the memories. Kitten Whiskers P.S. Hypnotoad- hey hubby! I destroyed your call book several months ago and pitched your bookbag! At least I'm pretty sure I did. I'll have to check the closet. But yes, out meeting bags are still packed and rotting away in the closet.

  • juni

    You silly Jayhawk!

    My service bag including my call book sat for years in the basement collecting dust. When I moved I tossed it and all of my old mags and books. I didn't want them around anymore. I figured those RVs would be taken care of by others. I sat for a while w/my companion service bag. She held up well through all kinds of inclement weather. She served me well holding a massive amount of weight.

    But we parted. I put her out of her misery to go rest in the dump.


  • LittleToe

    I felt bloodguilty, so I called on all my Routes to tell them I was leaving the JWs and why they aren't Christian, just prior to DAing.

  • TheHypnoToad

    OK, I want to change my favorite poster to "AlmostAtheist" of the "All hail the Hypno-Toad" class cuz my wife thew out my call book and didn't tell me.

    TheHypnoToad don't sign no post!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    alt Jayhawk, could I really meet Guy Piersce, could I, pleaseeee?

    Shoot me now!

    I always felt that my call book would really look creepy if a non-witness saw it. I would just remember where to go instead of writing it down. In time that became easy because I didn't really return on anyone.

    It could be around here somewhere but I'm sure its empty.


  • JapanBoy

    how about meeting THEO 'theodore' Jaracz at your door? K

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