Why do JWs seem to only want to own their own business?

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  • OnTheWayOut
    Maximum money, minimum hours

    Yeah, Willy has it. If they would just lean toward the money a bit more, a bit longer, they would be okay. If they understand that they need more than today's money- they need to plan for the future. The equipment gets old, the bank account needs padding for rainy days and retirement.

    Too many JW's lean toward the minimum hours for their own business, so they can pioneer recruit for the WTS. Often when a good deal comes along, they say "No, that's too good. I would have to stop pioneering to do that job. It would be difficult to leave my business during conventions if I take that big job." Staying independent and small is okay if it's managed well, but you really have to pay attention to your business. WT has it right when they say you cannnot slave for the two masters. I think this is part of ex-JW's problems- they wake up one day and realize that they wasted years toward retirement, now have nothing; very similar to Bethelites.

  • winnie
    What really sets me off is when an elder who can't seem to keep a job or is always in the unemployment line gives talks about being good providers for your family as this is the biblical way of being a man, etc.

    I completely agree. My brother in law is one such person. To my recollection, he has only had 3 jobs in past 15 years, and those he quit for some reason. Always first in line for the government handouts though (and knows all of them available). I remember him qualifying (Don't ask me how) for a small business allowance that is gauranteed for a year. After 2 weeks his business failed and he sat on his a** for the rest of the period until he had to go re- register for government benefits again. And he calls himself a good provider. I'd hate to see a bad one!

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