What do you do in your free time?

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  • FreedomFrog
    Hey these are my favorite too, can I borrow that CD with Native American drums? you're one of very few people who love similar kind of music

    Yeah, sure anytime. I know what you mean, not many people like my music choice..hehehe. But it's not for them, it's for me.

    Also on my free time I play my flute. It was made by a Native American individual. I believe he lives around Cincy Ohio. I'm not great at playing it yet but it's still fun because whatever sound comes out of it still sounds nice. The flute is made out of maple and has a slider held on by leather. Pretty cool looking flute.

  • Junction-Guy

    Basically Im broke and live from paycheck to paycheck, so other than sufing the net, I go to the $1.50 movies once a week. If money were plentiful, I would travel every weekend, and jet ski and ride ATV's. I also love going to amusement parks, going to the beach, and visiting Texas.

  • Jourles

    Let's see....

    • Volleyball about four days a week, and on some weekends(tournaments)
    • The gym on off days
    • When it's +50 degrees out, the motorcycle gets to run around
    • 'Diabolically Hard' Sudoku during spare time either in a book or on my cell phone
    • School work - but I do this during my work hours cuz there isn't a lot going on around here from 8-5
    • Stream KNAC.com during my "work" hours

    But as my avatar shows, I wouldn't be able to go on living if I had to give up vb. It is a huge part of my life and who I am. You know it's bad when you have to decide between getting shoulder surgery(out for at least 3-4 months) or trying strengthening excercises with cortisone injections to see if that will help ease the pain from a tear. As of right now, I'm opting for the least invasive procedure to see how it turns out.

  • bigmouth

    I like to spend time with or without my camera and look at the details. Practice framing up pictures even if I don't make the shot.

    I make time playing football (soccer). Saturdays and sundays in the winter and indoor and the artificial turf in the off season. I figure if I'm going to exercise for the sake of my mental health, it may as well be something I enjoy!

  • misanthropic

    Hmmmmm lets see. I don't usually have much "free time" aside from sleep, but usually I spend most of it talking to you, or at the Y or just catching up with my friends.

  • lawrence

    Escrima weapons fighting, poetry, playwriting, Olmec and Maya readings, computer science journals, walking, burning one and tossing down a few jiggers.

  • jaguarbass

    zagor, I try to get to the gym, 5 times a week for an hour, then I try to play my guitar and listen to music for an hour, then I probably spend another hour or two on my computer here and surfing the web. My computer is addicting to me, probably because its like watching tv, I can kind of vege out in front of it. I work 10:30 pm to 7 am. I figure an hour and a half travel and getting ready for work. I try to sleep 6 to 8 hours a night, or in my case a day. Thats about it. It's kind of dissapointing when I analyze it. I dont really know what else to do. Or what else I would be motovated to do. Eat sleep work and some leisure.Over and over and over then the new system will come and I will be worm food. 100% probability there will be no new system. I will just keep repeating the cycle, then I will retire and sit around more with less money and then die. I bought some lottery tickets today maybe if I win then I will have more time to sit around and I wont have to work. Then I would travel and have money to do and buy things.

  • zagor

    Well I've just gotten back from my martial arts session. Gawd, what a workout. :)
    I think anyone interested in good workout should at least try it. Speaking of which, I remember at University you'd see mostly guys doing it, now there's almost half ladies, which is really nice to see. One of the instructors says guys usually do it to get good 'fighting skills' while ladies do it for self-defense. I don't know if that's a good assessment or not but I'm sure I'd love to see many more ladies do it. It increases self-esteem and confidence and above all else should anyone ever dare to raise his hand on you you'll be able to kick some ass.

  • young hearts, be free..
    young hearts, be free..

    Surf..(not the Net), chase waves, listen to my gf , watch tele and listen to music... and remind myself how great it is to be FREE !!

  • zagor

    Well I've had two weeks off work and tomorrow I'm back at the office. It was good to take time off and reflect on many things with a fresh outlook. Well I didn't sleep much so brain still feels like running dry, so hopefully what I'm writing here is making some sense, lol. But at least I was able to organize many things that will have far reaching positive consequences. Which brings me back to free time and how we use it. Certainly for me it meant having time to ponder about really important issues and people in my life, much, much deeper than I was otherwise able to do while going through everyday routines. In practical terms that meant making decisions that otherwise I would have missed. So this time off was probably the best thing I did in a while.
    We really need our free time just like air in our lungs, which gives us space to regroup our thoughts and see clearly where we really want to go with our lives.
    Heck I even started doing something I haven't done in 15 years or maybe even longer. I've started to do portrait drawing, this one being very special to me. The feeling of calm that comes over you while you're doing it is really incredible, I already forgot what it feels like, especially if it is the portrait of someone you love, you want to make it perfect. So this time off was definitely one of the best things I've done in a long, long time.

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