Burning Incense might be a Sin

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  • lisavegas420

    Yep..I heard that one. I was babysitting for an elder. When he came to pick up his kids, asked if I had been burning incense. And told me that incense were an invitation to invite demons into your home. He didn't ask me to babysit anymore. Too bad..nice kids.


  • mrsjones5

    If burning incense is a sin is simmering potpourri just as bad?

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I guess they forgot about burning incense to mask other sources of strange smells. In the seventies, our dorm room always had some incence burning. Of coarse, it was just because we enjoyed the nice aroma. Not.


    During "Pagan Holidays" people would feast..They would eat great amounts of food and have to take a dump afterwards..After they took a dump,they would have to wipe thier ass..Would a good Christian participate in such ritual?..Elders will be looking for toilet paper in your bathroom..Relatives may turn you in to the JC committie..Bum wipeing has become an epidemic through out the Kingdom Halls..Do you want to follow Gods way?..Or wipe your bum and worship Satan!

  • dawgfan

    I think that its not so much as that they really care about incense but more of an attack against religions that use incense in services. Warning against that whole false religion stuff.

  • BrentR

    JW's should not eat cake either since it is used for birthday parties. They also probably should not go into buildings that are for the sole purpose of worship since the catholics and all other "false" religion does so. No more pumpkin pie either, they use pumkins for jack-o-lanterns.

    Remember you must stay pure!!!!!! Now go try to fiqure out how to do it.


    The thing that irritates me about this is simple. When you read the scripture regarding conscince based matters, it is direction for the weaker one not to judge others in areas of conscience. It is not the opposite.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Get this hypothetical scenario:

    You go to your JW friend's or family's for dinner. They break out the candles and light them. You jump up, hold up crossed index fingers and back away, or two upright index fingers (torture stake, of course) and back away, with this look on your face. You make a bee line for your car. They chase you down. "Was it something I said? Are you allergic to beef??"

    "Noooo. You lit candles. They do that in churches you know. I'm getting the sheol out of here and reporting you to the elders, unless of course you can run to your phone and beat me to it, with a confession that is."

    If an individual chooses to burn incense, his decision should take into consideration both his own conscience and the feelings of others.

    I mean, if we based all of our life's decisions on the feelings of others, we'd NEVER follow our own consciences. Duh. Or live for that matter.

  • BrentR

    Given that candles are a centerpiece of wiccan ceremonies that should really ruffle the JW feathers.

    Sometimes you must use absurities to illustrate absurities.

  • daystar

    I guess Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus were apostates for accepting frankincense and myrrh.

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