Again My Brother Writes

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  • bigmouth

    Your brother sure sounds like the self-righteous type geevee. The sort that grins while telling you bad news!

    This bit reminded me of a thread we've had on JWD over the last week;
    "that you are almost apostate in the way that you treat the Brothers and Sisters "

    It has been noted by others how all encompassing the dubs understanding of 'apostate' is.
    It's become a buzz word to demonize anything that doesn't fit what they think the truth is.

  • geevee

    Hey Ozzie,
    Yeah, you are right, not too bright at times, probably quick with a knife though!! He is happy to listen to crap from others and believe them. I wonder what he is up to now. I have had no reply.....yet, maybe a knock on the door tonight from the two elders again? Our deceased mother would be SOOOOO proud!
    Bigmouth: Self-righteous doesn't spell it out clear enough at times. I laugh when I think about some of his/their actions and how far removed they are from "the christain way"!! It is ok to get drunk, smoke, disown ones faith when it suits and the work me over when it suits him as well. Rafter/straw stuff you know! Still, we dont attend, so he must automatically be right!

  • sass_my_frass

    Hi, can I suggest that from here is where you get angry and he'll shut off:

    Maybe it was them who sent the elders around here all, expressing their concerned after a year and a half ! They said "Just come to see how you are getting on.....small talk, small talk......oh....there is a couple of things we'd like to clarify......"
    Thats a lie isn't it? Come to see how we are, but they also happen to be two elders investigating the depth of accusations, about who knows what from who knows whom? Not really interested in how we are, just looking for some dirt. Christ would be having a fit!

    We get so few opportunities to get a message to them, so don't waste them. Keep it simple and fright-free for them, and make them love you. The only thing that really matters is that they know you love them.

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