What Would Make A Jehovah's Witness Decide To Finally "Get Out Of Her"?

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  • rassillon

    I agree with the thoughts expressed, different strokes for different folks.

    I do take your question that you are asking as getting out of her mentally and not because they were horny of some such but still believed.

    Some witnesses don't really know why they think it is "the truth" they just do.

    Some like me have a slightly rough idea of the storyline "607-1914-chronology-1918-chosen-etc" and just accept what we have been told without checking because THEY wouldn't lie to us.

    Some don't really care too much they have family/friends and they don't do much, don't study, only come so often, and only go "OUT" once a month to keep regular.

    For me, it wasn't until I said to myself that I need to KNOW what I say I believe and started researching things.

    Whatever it is, it has to get them to that "Well DAMN!" point.

  • garybuss

    I quit believing and quit associating at different times. I'm pretty sure it went that way with a lot of us.

    I quit believing when I saw the year text for 1974. I quit associating when I experienced 3 social setbacks in the group in pretty close succession.

    I only really wanted two things. I wanted their teachings to be true, and I wanted to be treated with respect. The teachings were not true, and they treated me like crap, so the Witnesses made it easy for me to not want to stick around.

  • lighthouse19something

    The hardest part is getting them to take an honest look. Different points may be of more importance than others.

    points of interest:

    (1) According to wts -Jesus is the mediator only between God and the 144,000, not All Men

    (2)WTS was a United Nations Nongovernment Organization member for 10 years UNTIL EXPOSED on the internet

    (3) JWs can't donate blood to save a life, but Jesus shed his blood for us

    (4) WTS has kept donated stock in a cigarette manufacturer and a military contractor

    (5) WTS has tried to regulate sexual activities of married couples without scriptural basis

    (6) WTS discourages higher education

    (7) They state WTS is God's Organization on earth, yet have had numerous errors in it's history

  • codeblue

    I think the final blow can be totally different for each person.

    My case: the emotional/spiritual abuse from elders.

    Being raised in the truth(tm) you are told you must put up with the abuse to show YOU love Jehovah.

    After a years of abuse, you finally say: enough is enough. (The Jehovah I know, wouldn't want me to feel this way) I am valuable and worth more then that kind of treatment and I don't want to bring anybody to the KH to receive the abuse I have received (all in the name of brotherly love though...ugh)


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    "Little drops of water", eroding away at our soul. Given the idolatry and bloodguilt, our being slapped in the face with the cowardice of the FDS/GB against evil influences is beyond belief. I'm not the bravest soul, but the shepherds should be willing to die for the sheep - would the GB lay down their lives for us? I have never been so sick or enraged. Shattered faith hardly describes our plight.

    Beyond righteous indignation,


  • zagor
    I don't think most JWs care about chronology anymore, do you??

    Of course not, I'm yet meet one who can actually explain it intelligently. If they can't do that how can they be concerned about it?

  • minimus

    I think people in general are sick of JWs. They are bothersome.

  • moshe

    Since JW's can't defend their Chronology of the WT timeline anymore, they are in it mostly for the group benefits. Man wants to belong to a band or tribe and the KH fulfills that need. When the KH turns on them, they will leave. But like a horse trying to run back into a burning barn, the former JW often tries to get back into the KH and restore that feelling of security and friendship they used to have. Some don't care about anything, but keeping their JW friends. They accept WT lies to keep with the group.

  • done4good

    As was mentioned above, I could not let those "nutjobs" control my life any longer, (even if they had the truth). Too many bad things happened that could have been minimized were it not for attempting to stick to the rules. The cold atmosphere of elders meetings held during my martial issues with my ex, as well as the judicial process was an eye-opener too. I began to realize that I had been rationalizing and excusing thier behavior for years. So I just quit one day. Things like 607/586, UN, etc, only confirmed my doubts.


  • minimus

    I do think persons stay because of friendships and family. No other real reason.

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