The Dishonesty Amazes Me

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  • G Money
    G Money

    Well if you pay for damages and nobody files a DMV report, then you won't lose your license, ok?

  • R6Laser

    LOL! So you drove someone else's car without proof of insurance and got on an accident, something which you caused. And you don't want to claim responsibility for it? The accident is your fault, driving without insurace is also your fault. I don't see what your complaining about. Next time don't drive someone else's car without proof that you're insured.

  • startingover

    I am in CA and just recently asked my insurance co.about this very situation. They told me if someone borrowed my car that I had insured with them and got in an accident, they would pay and it would have no effect on my rates if the person was not named as a driver on my policy. I didn't ask them about this, but if there was no insurance in place, I think it would land in the lap of the registered owner. I know for sure that if you sell a vehicle and do not send in a release of liability and the buyer doesn't put it in his name and there is an accident, you are going to get stuck for it. If the other person has insurance, their insurance will come after the owner. I'm not sure what can happen to you, but I don't think you have anywhere near as much to worry about as the guy who is the registered owner.

  • R6Laser
  • roflcopter

    I love how people say that I am whining. I am not saying that It was not my fault. Nor am I saying that I don't want to pay restitution to the owner. In fact I am trying to do just that... But i don't think its fair that I was lied to saying that the car was fully insured and covered any driver... Then I get in an accident and he doesnt have it, and decides he is going to sell it to me but back date the title since he knows he lied and doesnt want to take the fall.

    And no I have not yet accepted the title, and I am not going to give him the info to put on the release of liability since I know that he is going to try and backdate it. It is still registered to him.

    And yes there is a police report... they happened to drive buy shortly after we exchanged all the info and started documenting it all.

  • nelly136

    over here if i lend my car to someone and theyre not insured to drive it i would be equally liable, if not more so being the owner of the car. unfortunately that doesnt help you much.

  • JWdaughter

    In WA if you loan a car, the owner is ultimately responsible for insurance. Backdating a pink slip is illegal and dishonest, particularly in a case like this. I hope all works out for you ROFL. Don't accept the pink slip, and if your license is at issue, I hope you appeal. Glad everyone seems to be ok but the cars.

  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    Me here, evil car sales person. I say, In most states, if you have insurance you are insured no matter who's car you are driving, whether he had insurance or not is not at issue, it's whether you did. A car driver needs car insurance. Hence, if he is attempting to commit any sort of fraud, insurance or title, he may be committing a felony. This is good. We delight in reporting this sort of behavior.

    Thanks to Je---ah!


    ROFL....I understand what you're saying as I lived in a state that didn't require the driver to be insured, but required insurance on the auto. Since the guy told you he had insurance and the car wasn't in your name, there would have been no reason for you to run out and get insurance on the vehicle thus paying double coverage. (In case of any accident, the OWNER OF THE VEHICLE IS CHARGED IN ANY WRECK....THUS THE NEED TO BE CAREFUL OR NOT LOAN OUT YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL)

    I hope the damages aren't that significant and hope you and the "good JW" can work out what's fair....I would definately consult with an attorney though, to see what can be done, if anything, to save your license. I don't know what kind of work you do, but sometimes you can get a special license to drive to work only. Since the guy told you he was insured then I'd bring that up in the money negotiations...pointing out that you have to retain a lawyer due to his negligence. I think it only fair to factor that in....just my .02. (As I don't know the laws there, I'm making the assumption that you didn't have to carry insurance)


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