Please rescue me! I just got hit with a JW Mac Truck!

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  • siy

    dont you feel a sense of satisfaction...... he can count 1.5 hours now or 2 of he was like me

  • truthsearcher

    If you count from when you leave your house, then this would have been over 2 hours for these folks. We are happy to keep them off the streets and not spreading their false religion! We are hoping that something we say or discuss will plants seeds of doubt that will grow and be watered by others, so that one day they will be free from bondage.

  • jgnat
    maybe it was an intentional ploy to quash any kind of meaningful conversation

    I doubt it. I have noted a subtle jockeying for position at the hall. Pioneers consider themselves to have "first rights" on fresh meat. I suspect they will pressure Publishers to hand off studies or at least share them. After all, they have the greatest pressure to keep their hours up. I'm willing to bet that Mr. Blowhard is a Poineer. He could have angled his way in to your visit so he could count his time. Do you mind asking him if he's a Pioneer if you ever see him again?

  • Jourles
  • mouthy

    After reading this post & knowing you a little,,,I would suggest you dont allow this person to come in contact with your kids...I know you feel that they are safely in the REAL truth...But kids listening to this speel, sometimes start to see reason.. Why not say to them!!!(JWS)" Some one gave me a video about your group I wonder instead of talking would you watch it with me & tell me if there is any thruth to it?"I doubt weather the fellow that was ditching out the dirt would get anything out of it But the silent one...might. My idea about this is > since you have spoken with the woman that was with him, you have planted a seed or her.... she has discussed it with the mouthy one. He came to set HER straight ...That HE could out talk you. Dont allow this ever again.... Stop him immediately...He thinks he has won, But I would try to reach the silent one.& explain " Did you notice I couldnt get a word in edgewise? that is not a discussion".....

  • truthsearcher

    Jgnat: You are very perceptive. He did tell us in his ramblings about being a pioneer in several states, but I don't know if he is currently pioneering. I certainly don't want to be "handed off" to him, I much prefer the other JWs who have come a' calling. I will certainly be asking questions about this situation.

    Jourles: Yes, I definitely needed the "wrap it up box". I'll have to look out for it in the stores.

    Mouthy: You are such a sweetheart and I love the fact that you are concerned about my children being around the JWs and possibly being deceived. I am not so arrogant as to think that we are immune to spiritual attacks, but I am taking the time to educate them as I "study" independently and am "making sure of all things". So far, in my humble opinion, the JWs haven't scored any "points" in their hearing, and I am careful to share stories from the Board, so the kids will know that this is a cult that shows conditional love and has twisted the Bible.

    So you think I should show the DVD. I don't want to tell them that I have been talking to you, though, or they will mark me for sure! And I'm not a good liar, I guess I wouldn't be very good at theocratic warfare! But if I thought they would actually watch it with me...but wouldn't they get up and walk out? Although I have watched one of their videos (ugh). I don't know how much of a relationship we have established yet, although we have been faithfully meeting them for a couple months now. I should call you...but I seem to be addicted to the Board !! LOL

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  • mouthy

    Was so glad your sharing the board with the kids. So they know the heartache the WT brings to us all. What do I know Truthsearcher----I was wrong for 25 years. So I could be wrong again by asking them to veiw the Video. I KNOW when I was a witness if anyone would have come up with the idea .I might have watched it just to mock it !!!! But this has so much of THEIR OWN stuff on it. But dont listen to me Pray about it... You know me VERY OPINIATED!!!!!! But I have been known to be wrong I feel for you my dear.... Keep us posted but get rid of that Mouthy one NOT ME!!!!!!((((HUGS)))

  • Scully
    OH my, I just had a visit from a JW who proceeded to, for an hour and half, try and cover every doctrine in the book, jump from Scripture to Scripture, half the time I was so confused about what was being said. The other Witness barely got a word in edgewise.

    When someone talks to me non-stop like that, monopolizes the conversation, and does not allow questions or interruption, it's clear to me that they are trying to sell me something that I don't want or need.

    Unfortunately, when they finished the call they were probably ecstatic about what a fantastic visit - full of potential for a Study™ - they had with you.

  • truthsearcher

    scully, too true! He was full of enthusiasm as he was leaving! Kept apologizing for monopolizing the conversation. That didn't seem to stop it at the time though... His mouth was getting him in trouble, though, he started talking about how Jehovah is our grandfather, and Jesus has a wife, etc. I said:" Wait just a minute. SHOW me a verse that calls Jehovah grandpa, otherwise you are starting to sound like a Mormon. Soon you'll be telling me I can have my own planet somewhere... we all had a good laugh, but SERIOUSLY? GRANDPA J?"

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