Disfellowshipping is good for a person

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  • Honesty

    My spouse was DF'd 4 years before we were married. Within 13 months she was "re-instated" and by the time we were married had almost healed from the "loving" treatment she endured in her "disfellowshipped state."
    She sincerely believes that her life was enriched by being disfellowshipped because, as a third generation JW she had never "made the truth her own."
    She has certainly "made it her own" now because anytime she has to make almost any decision the first item on the agenda is the Watchtower Society's Index of publications.
    She takes to heart the Watchtower's "suggestions" and concurs that "the Index will be of great value in connection with field ministry, congregation activity, and personal study.
    It will be of like value for family guidance and the practical matters of everyday life (Introduction to the WTBTS's Index).
    I really appreciate her zeal for "the truth" because it finally opened my eyes to understand the level of indoctrination many JW's have. While I would open God's Word for guidance during family discussions she would have a stack of WTBTS publications complete with bookmarks readily accessible and available to refer to when any scripture was read or discussed.
    No matter what scriptures were read and introduced on any subject pertaining to decisions the Watchtower publications had the final say in the matter. I, on the other hand believed that Scripture should be the Final Authority which resulted in being labeled "weak" and a "rebel" within Jehovah's Organization .
    Many other JW's also believe that "some few who are associated with God’s visible organization are not satisfied with the light on God’s Word through his channel. These few lean toward private interpretation or even attempt to “read” into The Watchtower things never intended and then propagate these things as truth. Or they assume some conviction as based on the Scriptures, such as diet, ideas on chronology and the like, and then seek converts among Zion’s faithful children. Their course is like saying that Jehovah’s way is not right or sufficient and that The Watchtower is not complete for our time. (*** w57 5/1 p. 277 par. 12 Show Respect for Jehovah’s Organization ***)

    Yes, I can confidently say that being disfellowshipped definitely enriched her life and relationship with the "Faithful Slave" class.

  • ButtLight

    It is good, especially if you never go back!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am trying to determine if you are sarcastic about your wife's situation or happy that it helped you out of the organization.

    While I am thrilled that I am on the way out, I would love to weaken my wife's resolve to be faithful to Jehovah WTS.

  • unbeliever


    I remember once Honesty posted that he df'd the gb for apostacy. I think he is thankful for to be out of the organization.

  • Honesty
    I am trying to determine if you are sarcastic about your wife's situation or happy that it helped you out of the organization.

    I feel sorry for her but am very happy that her loyalty to the FDS helped me see things about the WTBT$ that I might have overlooked.

    Yeah, I DF'd the GB for apostasy and fired them as my spititual advisors.

  • LanDi

    Yeah its good being treated worse than a paedophile - being treated like a leper.

    My uncle was disfellowshipped 35 years ago for some thing stupid, yet my other uncle who severely physically abused his kids I am supposed to respect as an elder, whilst not even saying a greeting to the other.

    If this argument doesn't convince you then you are BEYOND HOPE. Remember, Jesus spoke to Satan. The sick $*^£^$£" elder who made comments about me and my three year old brother having SEX I am supposed to respect too. I give him something, not respect.And all the time not even speaking to my Disfellowshipped uncle in the street.

    Wake up son The religion is a sick joke

  • mouthy

    I agree totally that D/F is good for a person.... I was a fully fledged JW.Would have died for the organisation. went through two operations NO BLOOD!!! took beatings from my Catholic Hubby to go against the Faithful Slave? But No I thought that was the persecution Jah expected of me.... Made 10 people JWS..( they have now grown to 3 generations) but I CONFESSED to the elders I did not believe Jesus came invisably in 1914- & they did D/F me!!!! So Yes I thank God they do D/F otherwise I would still be sitting at meetings Tues,Thurs, Sunday, having to go to service Sat, & every spare moment knocking on doors. Thank You Brothers? at Brooklyn & any other s that are reading this forbidden thread .THANK YOU,THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Keep on Disfellowshipping all that do not toe the line I am for ever grateful.....

    Grace Gough.

  • sparrow

    I pulled up a random page and thought I would comment on a thread!!! Just so happens I pulled up this one and I totally agree! DF'ing is the best thing ever!!! You can cut out heaps of people you don't have to make chit chat to you don't even like. And then the ones that still talk to you, you can work on because they shouldn't be talking to you anyway so they ain't all that good!!! woo-hoo.

    Anyway, it's my first birthday party Friday so anyone in Sydney that doesn't mind coming out west a little - let me know!!!

    Happy First Birthday to me, Happy first birthday to me. WTF was I thinking the past 32 years, happy birthday to me!!

  • sparrow

    And thx to everyone here. Had a defining time the last 6 months alot due to this place.

    P.S Does anyone have a spare liver I could borrow for say...30 years or so. Promise I will give it back

  • oompa
    Mouthy o wise one: but I CONFESSED to the elders I did not believe Jesus came invisably in 1914- & they did D/F me!!!!

    Why did you feel the need to confess? Had you been talking to hall friens about it? Most importantly, What prompted you to conclude Jesus did not come in 1914 and how did you resolve the issue?


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