Who thinks Killing or Dying for your country is a good Idea?

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  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    In history there have been times when fighting for a good cause like WWII, where the enemy was clearly defined, innocent people suffered, many died, killing or giving up your own life to for world to be a better place for us, then yes if there was another war like WWII I would join the military in a heartbeat.

    question to all of you, if someone was breaking into your house and threaten to kill your family would you kill them? would you die for them? Yes I would.

  • hillbilly

    The idea is to make the other bastard die for his country....

    (thanks, General Patton)


  • M.J.

    Tell ya what. My grandfather as a young boy was in Columbus, New Mexico when Pancho Villa and his men crossed the border and started attacking the town. My young grandfather's life was narrowly saved from a Villista bullet crashing through their storefront window as his father pushed him down to the ground. US Army officers stationed at the nearby Army camp heard the shooting and responded by calling in troops and counter-attacking the raiders with machine gun fire until they gave up and fled.

    Was this action by the Army personnel a good idea? I think so.

  • new boy
    new boy

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO................................Everyone is in agreement......... its O.K. to kill other people to save your life or your families lifes.........

    My Question is how many would you be willing to kill to do that?...................10.......100......1,000.......or 1million?

    How important is it for you to live?

    How many lifes is that worth?

  • Mystla

    LOL, I've never seen myself as so important that a million people would try to kill me.. or my family, for that matter. When you are talking about self-defense don't you think numbers like that are a little overboard?


  • HockeyMullet

    Congrats new boy you trolled everyone here including myself. I'll take the hook. You've got me all riled up because I'm the "dumb violent type". It's jerkoffs like you that infuriate me with your smug comments. Your Vet "friend" should've put you on your back for being a smartass. Nothing more. Nothing less. The WTS seems to roll pompous jackasses like you out by the thousands. Again, way to go. I will now go and kick the first cute furry critter in my path.

    BTW, I would cause great bodily harm to anyone that tried to harm my family. If that meant enlisting in the military, then yes. The only importance of my survival is to make sure my family is taken care of. That is worth the lives of anyone who is trying to prevent that. So take your trolling message and GFY. Also, please go run with scissors on spilled marbles.

    I apologize to everyone else for this. It just struck a nerve with me, and I will deal with any fallout.

  • bebu
    Re: Who thinks Killing or Dying for your country is a good Idea?

    That is an unreal question, framed to force anyone who would support military action in some circumstances to appear as pursuing war for pleasure ("a good idea!").

    I wonder how evil the police are, then?



    My question has not been answered with any intellegence..Do I have to protect my family?..Don`t tell me,I don`t have to join an army to protect my family..Invade my country and I will associate myself with fellow warriors..If that makes us an army,so be it..Now please answer my question...OUTLAW

  • Mystla

    Thank you Outlaw, that was the point I've been trying to make.. it's been circled around, but not really addressed. Everyone seems to think that you have to "go to war" Sometimes war comes to you.


  • diamondblue1974

    Some lyrics sum my thoughts up quite well I believe.

    When I was a boy there's a dream that I had
    That a war if it's fought was for good against bad
    And I woke up to find that the world had gone mad
    And we'd all fall down

    And I feel like a child again sitting observing
    You're toying with power, your fingers are burning
    You're pushing so hard that the worms won't be turning
    We'll all fall down

    While you try to pretend you're a god upon high
    With your party ideals and your squeaky clean lies
    When it comes to the crunch you're no smarter than I
    And we'll all fall down

    If it's colour or creed or your old time religion
    Well fighting for that shows a pure lack of vision
    The fight that we strive is the fight to survive
    And we'll all fall down

    Well look in the mirror and what do you see
    An American, Russian, a soldier or me
    When you've all pressed the buttons just where will you be
    When we all fall down

    It gets harder to see just what future's in store for us
    Hard to see through all the wool you pull over us
    Words that you give are just words to console us
    We'll all fall down

    And what will you do when you've pulled the release
    When the sound of the thunder has drowned out the pleas
    Cos after all that was your idea of peace
    When we all fall down

    No sun for a world that once stood so tall
    No wind's going to blow and no rain's going to fall
    No flowers for graves, in fact no graves at all
    When we all fall down

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