Is there ANY doctrines of the JWS that you appreciate?

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  • new boy
    new boy

    Many remarks seem to in indicate they have no redeeming believes......................I can't agree.

    I appreciate Lots a things about the way I was raised.

    1. Pacifism, nonviolence. Sad even though I was a pacifist, my god Jehovah was an angry pissed off god who one day wants to kill most everyone...............Guess he (her) needs to practice what he (her) preaches.........Anyway I'm SO happy that they taught me something even their god is having a hard time with!

    2.And most important......................................Well I can't remember right now......but when it comes to me, I'll let you Know.


  • megsmomma




  • lovelylil

    Yes - No Hellfire! I am in 100% agreement with this one. Lilly

  • *jeremiah*

    I'm happy about the skills I learned from walking the mics. Those skills have really crossed over into the real world.

  • james_woods

    OK, I will allow that they do have certain "on the face of it" values that seem somewhat redeeming. i.e. - do not steal, do not murder, etc...

    Amazing though, is it not - that there does not seem to be a single one of such values that many other forms of religion also teach.

    I am not at all sure that the body of such reasonable values is anywhere near enough to redeem the false prophecy, lies, internal power games and bitter elder wars, the materialism of the society, the bloodthirsty "blood" doctrine, the control freaking, etc.

    Many other religions that teach such values are relatively free from the many downsides that come with JWdom.

    I think it is kind of a case of "I shot the Sheriff, but I didn't shoot the Deputy". A little good does not make up for a lot of bad in many cases.


  • crazyblondeb

    Nope, not a damn thing!!

  • bernadette

    get out of false religion

  • OnTheWayOut

    There are teachings that they follow that are valid teachings. Rather than name them, I will comment.

    If a church has some good in it, great. If some of it's doctrine is in harmony with the way society should
    live, great. If someone chooses not to live by everything they teach, they should have that freedom.
    Most of the churches accept as believers, those that live by SOME of the rules.

    Not JW's. It's all or nothing with them. If it's all or nothing, then ALL of the doctrines have to be good, upbuilding.

    Well, they are not. There's shunning those who stop believing. There's control of behavior, thoughts, information, emotions.
    There's life-and-death issues with their doctrines.

    If it's all or nothing with them, I choose NOTHING.

    (I have really been bitter with WTS in the last three or four days- I got my huge stack of apostate literature in a few weeks ago and I am reading/reading/reading. Makes me mad at WTS.)

  • new boy
    new boy

    Come on Crazy Blond there must be somrthing..................You are the reason why I started this topic.( comments on the Brits thread)

    I forgot.................HELL FIRE............very good!


  • Fleshybirdfodder

    They stressed the importance of washing your hands after going to the bathroom. That's about it for me.


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