Gods Name

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  • kid-A

    "Have you ever heard a little boy/girl call out. Hay Mr. Mary SMITH."

    That would depend on whether or not Mr. Mary had already had the sex-change operation! LOL....

  • Narkissos


    That doesn't answer my objection. The Yahu form corresponds with the Hebrew writing yhw which the Masoretes point as yahu in suffixes, and yeho in prefixes. In any case the written w stands for the sound u, and cannot stand both for it and the next consonant w in the full tetragrammaton.

    Yahoweh might be argued from the Greek transliteration Iaouè -- construed as I-a-(H)-o-U-e-(H) -- but it clashes with the alternative transliteration IaBe which points to two syllables instead of three.

  • jwfacts

    I had thought you may say that Nark. I included that as an alternate point of view, trusting that the writer is a Hebrew. But your explaination for why it can not be true does make sense.

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