The Society's more permissive stance on blood fractions could kill my Mum!

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  • OuterBanks NC
    OuterBanks NC

    This is an interesting thread, and timely. I just had the same conversation with my parents Nicolau. I am here at home for the next 6 weeks or so and we talked about blood. I was explaining all the blood fraction issues, and it made my mom & dad both say, "We aren't taking ANY BLOOD of ANY KIND, REGARDLESS of what is "allowable". I felt like I shot myself in the foot. But the WTBS has confused them all, and it seems like from the many posts here that most active JW's are simply taking the no blood whatsoever route. Maddening as hell!!!!!!!!!

  • truthsetsonefree

    "She is saying 'No' to everything. All blood, all components, fractions and products. This is simply because, in the face of so much intimidating and confusing rhetoric she has retreated to a position she can understand - just say no."

    That is probably what those sneaky sacks of s**t on the GB are counting on.


  • nicolaou

    Today is a bad day. A very, very bad day. I'm furious, frustrated and depressed all because I just cannot communicate with people I care about. The blast doors in their minds have come slamming down and shut me out. I'm like a banshee screaming in a world of deaf people.

    Heartily sick.

  • Scully

    ((((( Nic ))))

    I feel for you. Such a tough spot to be in.... it's such a shame that they don't realize that we only want what is in their best interests, and the WTS couldn't care less about them. Your anger and frustration are completely justified.

  • Balsam


    Know your feeling totally frustrated and it is hard trying to come in the back door to communicate in a way that your JW family can grasp. Sometimes you just have to say you love them constantly while explaining the need for them to grasp these blood issues and not just say no to everything.

    I have a nephew and his family who are still in but if they were to face this issue and even die I would never know it because their in a different state. Sadly just because we love people doesn't mean they will listen to us.


  • reneeisorym

    I wouldn't sign the last one either for being confused. I understood the decision and what we were deciding but Biblically it didn't make any sense. I thought that either you should took blood or not -- I didn't like the grey areas.

    Thank goodness I got out of that mess!!

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I have always had a lot of concern for the poor saps who don't understand the fractions and what is involved. My husband signed that he would refuse all the fractions and procedures, but he doesn't even have a clue that he has already received some in vaccinations. He won't listen to me, he just wants to be safe so Jehovah won't destroy him.

    And, yes, Scully, I think they did all of this on purpose to confuse and protect themselves from lawsuits. It is such a sad situation. I too would be interested in helping out to explain these fractions and procedures if something can be organized. It would be worth it if just one life was saved.

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