The Society's more permissive stance on blood fractions could kill my Mum!

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  • Hoping4Change

    Don't these 'teachings on fractions' sound a little bit like 'medical advice' being given from the society, which is exactly what the Louderback-Wood article from last year uses to show why the society is 'responsible' for the medical decisions JWs make?

  • sir82

    Actually, my take on this is the exact opposite - they are trying as fervently as possible to give the impression that it is NOT medical advice! "The Bible doesn't say...we can't say...make your own decision...up to your conscience..."

    I'd wager a large sum of money that this article (as well as the August '06 awake) was written in response to the Louderback-Wood article. Intereating if so, because it would be a tacit admission that they feel vulnerable.

  • garybuss

    The Awake! was definitely a reply to the Louderback-Wood article. I just don't believe in coincidences that big.

  • sosad

    this reminds me of the reversal on organ transplants. In the late 80's- the CO gave a talk about the "new light" and the last point made was that an older, faithful brother had commented to him that "he STILL wouldn't take an organ transplant" which cued the general laughter. the entire issue - of those that had died in the past or had been dfed - was totally whitewashed by his clever end to what should have been a show stopping doctrinal shift. I'm not even sure if this was the first we had heard of it or a rerun talk...

  • Gill

    It certainly is a very difficult situation for long time JWs. I know my parents find it all too confusing and stick to NO for absolutely everything!

    Last year I refused to witness their card for them as they were giving permission to toilet and window cleaners to read their medical notes!

    They were not impressed. I don't think they will ask again. I wish I was as patient as you Nicolaou.

  • BluesBrother

    My family has exactly the same attitude as Nicolau's Mum.

    Because the cannot understand the long words , last years blood cards went unsigned . They carry instead those privately produced key fobs that simply say "No Blood".

    I have tried to discuss it calmly so as to know what the wishes would be in event of the worst, but they won't discuss it. Trouble is, they still fervently believe that every blood transfusion or product is a sure way to contact Aids, so there is not a lot of incentive to accept it

  • Rabbit

    It's not just the 'older ones'...

    Since I've had jw family (Mom) die over this insanity...I optimistically 'praised' (threw up a little) the WT's NewLight on the acceptable use of hemoglobin *now* to one of my JW children. I talked about the changes over the years and how 'great' it was that these fractions were 'OK' and 'no JC action would be taken against' a JW.

    My 20 something child then horrified me by stating they had already signed the WT death warrant (blood card) saying "NO!" to any blood products! Why ? "Well, there's been so many changes, so, I think the safest thing is just to say, 'No' to everything.

    I guess only one faithful and dead JW from my family is not enough sacrifice for the WT gods.


  • luvbug2007

    I donate blood on a regular bases and i vote. I kind of feel likes its my civic duty. I was in nursing school, quit to take care of my mother inlaw, I dont see anything wrong with accepting bloon in the USA.

  • Phil

    I am a non JW and am interested in getting a copy of this card. The person who puts a copy here can blank out their name so as to not reveal any personal data that link them to the card. Thanks

  • garybuss

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