I did it and I don't feel like a pagan!

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  • mouthy

    Oh dear what will I do with that naughty Mary!!!!!! Please dont believe her post above. You lookie here girl I got troubles from people within the organisation ,now I suffer fibs from without the organization...Gumby saying bad thing about me, warlock, now Mary displaying a false tree!!!!! Go to your room at once Mary!!!!

    For all of you I will tell you how I spend my Christmas. I spend it alone.I have no decprations at all. ( NO BOOZE so dont drop in) Praying for all those I made a JW & all those JWS kids, & those kids, kids, 3 generations of misleading folk astray.... I enjoy the peace...I do send gifts to all my own kids, & am VERY happy they all celebrate the season -even though they dont believe in the reason for the season.... But if they hear the name JESUS often enough they may seek HIM & find him....
    But I wish you all a joues day & a much healthier & happier NEW YEAR...
    O.K. Mary you can come out .

  • Mary

    Tee-hee-hee......ooooh I thought you'd get a laugh out of that Gracie!!!

    Here's a nice tree for ya.......

  • mouthy

    Couldnt afford the electrity for a tree with that many lights on it LOL....But you do make me smile !!!! even though you have lips like Isaiah had!!!!( dirty lips)

  • Pubsinger

    We've just put ours up today.

    My kids are so happy. We don't have a hint of guilt.

    Brilliant "sermon" at church this morning about the real meaning of Christmas and how it's different for everyone.

    As for feeling pagan. . . lost all significance like the days of the week or months of the year.

    Have a good one everyone. . . whatever significance you put on it.


  • bernadette

    got myself a huge poinsettia, i think thats what theyre called. big green and red leaves. That'll have to do for this year.

    It really looks christmassy

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Good for you!

    We are putting our tree up this week. I didn't have a tree last year, but my boyfriend did, and it seemed kind of strange being in a flat with a decorated tree in it, but this year it seems normal.

  • TheHypnoToad


  • gaiagirl

    If you don't feel like a pagan yet, you didn't do it right! : )

  • JapanBoy

    Saving up my Molson Canadian's now. Nice tree' eh? K

  • JapanBoy

    Saving up my Molson Canadian's now. Nice tree' eh? K

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