I did it and I don't feel like a pagan!

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  • TheHypnoToad

    First Christmas tree, just put it up! Its a real one, put a lot of lights on it.

    The witnesses are working in our area, so I am sure its just a mater of time (no more fadding at this point).

    I didn't feel an ounce of regret. In fact I am getting more excited again, just like I did last year (but the wife wasn't ready).

  • Mary

    Excellent!! Here's the one Mouthy's got up at her place. She puts a candle in each bottle, lights them, takes a picture and sends one out to each of her local Kingdumb Halls, wishing them a Merry Xmas.

  • Honesty

    I live alone so it's too much trouble to put up a really big tree so I go to friend's for Christmas.

    However, I do send Christmas cards to a couple of local JW's every year just to let them know I'm thinking about them.

  • megsmomma

    That is really great! It's so nice that you are doing all this together. I have a little bit of advice for you two. Take a slice off the bottom of the tree stump and paint a "first x-mas together" or something like it on there. Then, drill a little hole in it si it can hang on future trees.... and you will always have a piece of your first tree to remind you in years to come. (Of couse, after you're done with it, unless you happened to save the slice they usually take off it when you get it)

    I remember my "first time" The tree was SOOOOOOOO UGLY!! I was very out of practice. I had some colored blinking lights....but they blinked in groups, and it made no sense....then I put PURPLE garland around it, and some cheap glass balls. Now....I gotta say, maybe that tree didn't look pagan, but it did look gaudy!

    This year, I am really happy cause my g-parents found a box of x-mas stuff we had when I was a kid. I thought my mom had trashed it all...but there was still some in their attic....so I feel like I have gotten back a little peice of my childhood.

  • Stealth453

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I remember my first christmas tree. I was almost sexual.

  • Ariel84

    Congratulations! I decorated my first christmas tree just recently too. I went over to my sister's house and we decorated it together. And I don't have one ounce of regret or guilt! That JW mentality all seems so distant and silly now! Merry Christmas!!


  • free2beme

    Just enjoy it to the most and do not worry about the Witnesses. Perhaps make up some Christmas cards and if they show up at the door, hand them one each.

  • free2beme

    (Double Post)

  • Abandoned


    I have one question for stealth453.

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I remember my first christmas tree. I was almost sexual.

    Where do you shop? I think I'm going to the wrong lot.

  • AudeSapere

    This is my first year decorating, too. I was ready last year but was caught up in the sale and move of my old home. This year it's a new home and new traditions to start for myself.

    The tough part is that it's just me. (Even the cats are gone. ) I wanted to decorate but really wasn't sure about a tree. I got some garland already lit and the biggest wreath I've seen! The garland is wrapped around the handrail of my stair case along one side of my living room. (Thank you, FreeChick for the suggestion, encouragement, direction, and instruction, too!!) I hung tree decorations off the garland. I really like it!! I also hung some lights around the windows out back on my patio. Set out some candles, too.

    I'm very, very happy with my decision to finally decorate. My dad came over today to help me hang the wreath. (We didn't actually hang it yet, but will do it later this week.) He didn't make comments about my decorations but he didn't roll his eyes either. I hope he smiles when he gets that xmas card from me.


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