Did You Always Find Yourself "Discouraged"?

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  • minimus

    As a Witness, were you regularly "discouraged"?? Since I've been out of the "Truth", I rarely here of normal people ("worldly) ever saying how "discouraged" they are.....Is "discouragment" a "Witness thing"????

  • fullofdoubtnow
    .....Is "discouragment" a "Witness thing"????

    It may well be a mainly jw thing min. I rarely, if ever, hear the people I associate with nowadays say they are discouraged. I was discouraged on regular occasions as a jw, by the apathy on the doors, the conduct of some jws, my own health concerns and the attitude of some elders. I'm never discouraged nowadays, even when I'm ill, as I have been this last week.

  • fokyc

    Always! We used to arrive at all the meetings early , the elders would arrive just as the meeting was supposed to start.

    We used to meet for field service and nobody else would come, never an apology or the like.

    Because my sight was getting bad, aided by poor KH lighting, I started using the computer in 1993 to print out larger talks/bible readings, that was wrong, told I should only use the bible and handwriting.

    For years I wore a bow tie, told I couldn't wear that, no explanation.

    Always a negative reaction, I always volunteered, never chosen. The elders would say that nobody volunteered to do anything.

    I volunteered for weeding the garden , I wasn't even good enough for that. Thoroughly discouraged.


  • Amazing


    As a Witness, were you regularly "discouraged"?? No Is "discouragment" a "Witness thing"???? To the extent that the Society regularly talks abou it, as though it were a sin. So, no JW in their right mind wants to admit that they discouraged, if they are. Jim W.

  • minimus

    But most JWs aren't in their right mind to begin with so they freely admit they're discouraged,

  • JH

    I would be discouraged if I was still an active Witness today, because I'd wonder when the heck the end will be. I'd be discouraged seeing no one join and time go by with nothing happening.

  • Backed away
    Backed away

    Discouraged no, depressed yes for being so limited on what I could or could not do.

  • Ariel84
    To the extent that the Society regularly talks abou it, as though it were a sin.

    The society is ALWAYS talking about "guarding against discouragement" or some such nonsense. Maybe they should take a really close look at the things that are actually causing this so- called "discouragement", such as the baffoons running the show in their congregations. Instead of telling people "the end is just around the corner" and that discouragement stems from "apathy at the doors" and "pressures of the world".

  • GoingGoingGone

    I recently had a couple of JWs visit who I haven't seen in a long time. I had forgotten how the fanatical-JW conversation focuses so much on every single negative thing available for comment!!!

    Someone's sick... "We're getting so far from perfection! We need the new system!"

    Someone's child is no longer a witness... "Satan is attacking! We need the new system!"

    The weather is acting strangely... "Mankind is destroying the earth! We need the new system!"

    Never a positive comment or, heaven forbid, a positive action to help get out of a dire situation. No volunteer work to clean up the community or assist the less privileged. They just sit back and complain about the problems they see, proclaim that it's proof that the end is 'just around the corner' and do nothing to help.

    And of course, Armageddon never comes. No wonder they get 'discouraged'.


  • 5thGeneration


    Every day.

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