If YOU Were One Of The 24 Elders, What Would You Tell The Anointed???

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  • sf

    Mini, you are a superior silly man.

    I'd tell them that they each have one hour to retreive any "belongings" they "long for" from the Walls of the Watchtower and to prepare to leave the area asap, as the building will implode in EXACTLY 24 hours.

    My 'starting gun'? "GET OUT OF HER"!


  • Flowerpetal

    I would tell them: "We know you CLAIM to be anointed, but you really aren't."

  • Abandoned

    Witnesses? Sure we had witnesses, but they're currently all in a witness protection program. Take my advice, get the heck out of the jw. You're only making as *ss of yourself.

  • minimus

    And I heard a loud voice say,"We're waiting fo you---down here!"

  • proplog2

    If I were Rutheford I will tell them to be a little more forgiving of those who Drink too much.

    If I were F. Franz I would tell them something that starts with "it seems fitting..." but even if it isn't - what the hell -- wear it anyhow

    If I were Knorr I would tell them they should bring all their printing back to NYC so they don't lose their corporate image.

    If I were Schroeder I would tell them the only kind of higher education that should be allowed is to be an attorney.

    If I were Sydlik I would tell them to send younger women to heaven.

  • minimus


  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    JW's teach that the 24 elders are the anointed..right? So, if they were to teach the anointed, first of all none of the governing body are anointed.. (IMO, except Ray Franz probably was) so, they wouldn't be looking the way of the GB.. And if I were one of the 24 elders...I would tell the anointed that they don't need to be part of an organization at all!!!!!!

  • Jeffro

    Being fictitious is making me hungry. Could the next one who dies please bring pretzels?

  • lesterd

    What? Talk to yourself, whose listing, the BORG says the 24 elders are part of the 144000. I"d tell th 7999 to go to Bethel and kick the #@%& out of the one screwing everyting up.

  • frankiespeakin

    If YOU Were One Of The 24 Elders, What Would You Tell The Anointed???

    Jehovah's a monster, and he is boring, so don't waste you time trying to get here, it's hell being around such a blood thirsty imbecile, we're stuck here forever and can never leave, no sex, we spend most of our time just bowing down to the creep, and praising his name.

    Do your best to commit the unforgivable sin! While you still can, if you make it here you be sorry.

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