Tonight's service meeting

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  • Woodsman

    If they ever try to interfere in any of my wife's treatments they better get ready to pull some buckshot out of their ass.

  • PrimateDave

    I guess there was no mention about going down to the Red Cross to donate blood fractions. LOL!


  • wannaexit

    For all of you that have already made the decision to walk out of the Watchtower, i envy you.

    I am not ready yet due to family and friends but the day will come and i will also be free from Brooklyn and religion all together

    Ditto here

  • DaCheech

    A couple of months ago I was hospitalized. When I identified myself as a JW. (I was there 3 days, but not forserious matters)

    A JW nurse came to me, and went through the directive papers. When it came to blood, there were all these "fractions" choices with a (accept) or (reject) checkmark needed.

    For every question, I played dumb and asked her quite a few questions.

    After she explained the proceedure, I said "what is best?", she always said "I cannot make the decision for you, but "many" are accepting this.

  • AudeSapere
    done4good wrote: I know I had no idea on how to proceede given the opportunity to make those decisons.

    That's why they want to you contact the HLC as soon as you know you will be admitted.

    The HLC will then navigate the choices and enforce the joint decision(s).

    Seems to me the HLC is attempting to be a legal buffer for the society. I fully believe the society wants people to live and realizes that many have died needlessly due to over-strict consciences. There is just no graceful way to just drop the Blood restrictions that the society has been so strict about.

    If they ever were to drop the Blood ban, imagine the legal and emotional toll.


  • moshe

    If they ever were to drop the Blood ban, imagine the legal and emotional toll.

    The average JW has already gotten used to the spiritual death of relatives and friends who leave or are Df'd from the KH. If anyone should decide to pursue legal action against the Org. over blood transfusions , then they will be an opposer,too and kicked out. They will play up the fact that every JW who died is getting a resurrection, so the harm is not permanent. I wish the JW's would get mad as hell about something, but they don't. It seems that all the JW's who might make trouble have gotten sifted out long before this, leaving just a homogeneous bunch of wimps in the KH.

  • Justahuman24

    I few oh you mentioned that you haven't left the WT yet. I did over a year ago but for other reasons. One of them being that I'm gay. I studied, went to the meetings and got baptized in spite of my family's oposition and did well for about a year. Well, didn't really do "well" bcz I was living a double life which I'm sure LOTS of JW's have done and still do. But then I left because something really bad happened and I had no choice but to leave the WT without telling them the real reason why I left. I just told them that I my family didn't want me to share it with them. I was 21 at the time. And it is true. My mother didn't want me to tell them the real reason why I left. One being that I was gay and had a boyfriend but the other reason was worse. I just sent an e-mail to the elder I studied with and my home congregation. They told me that they were willing to meet with me and help me out with whatever they could, give me advice, etc. but I knew I was going to end up being disfellowshipped anyway if they found out I was gay so I just decided to stop attending the meetings. But I still enjoy reading their publications. And I miss that. I don't get the magazines anymore. And I'm sure they wouldn't talk to me if they saw me out. lol

  • penny2

    sspo I had no idea you were still attending meetings. You have my sympathy. I know how you feel because I too kept attending for some time after I realised it wasn't "the truth" (for family reasons). The best but most difficult decision I ever made was to stop going.


  • sspo


    still going to mtgs but my ex trying very hard to get me df for apostasy and it has not been easy to trick the body of elders but i am viewing it as a challenge, try to play with their minds knowing how far they can go with their rules and regulations. I was an elder for 21 years which helps quite a bit knowing the game they play.

    Kids in the truth and many good freinds throughout the country that prevents me from walking away.

  • Crumpet
    The further away I come from the JW mindset, the more absurd it all seems.

    Couldn't agree more cyber dude. I was walking along the river on Sunday taking pics of the birds enjoying the sunshine after a stormy night and went past the local Kin-Doom Hall and observed the empty seats within (they have full length windows) and the dejected bored apathetic faces and felt glad to be out and not in!

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