How old were you ??

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  • Crazyguy
    Never had to dump worldly friends though anytime anything happen it was always who were you hanging out with, implying bad association. Funny when I got into trouble most of the time the bad association was a JW friend.
  • cappytan

    I had one worldly friend growing up, but he moved away in 3rd grade so I lost touch with him.

    I was friendly with other people at school, but was never friends. I was an outcast.

  • Twitch

    Yea I just didn't listen as a JW kid

    I made worldly friends though most were in secret, which engendered a double life of sorts from an early age. Of course I was constantly "admonished" and was eventually counselled by 3 elders for worldly associations and smoking at 17. I left home and the org not long after that kangaroo court

    I did have JW friends of course but they were either assholes, whacked or boring. Kinda left them behind. A different world I wanted no more part of

  • FayeDunaway
    I had witness friends my age from the Congo that were complete frenemies. Trying to mange friendships with them was constant drama since I was little! I tried for a long time, but in middle school said 'I am so done' and made friends with a book smart group of worldly girls. They were soooo much fun, so much better, such a relief. But really there's only so close you can get to them. I wasn't allowed to hang out at their houses or go to their birthday parties, so they were much closer amongst themselves than with me :(. Anyway, so later after leaving the religion, I tracked down my worst witness frenemy who had been long disfellowshipped. Guess what, she's the sweetest most accepting person now. The religion and her screwed up mother made her miserable. She has moved on and is happy. We are truly each other's oldest friends now, and we've got each others back.
  • Twitch

    Now that's a nice twist. It's funny how things work out sometimes.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    I'm in my sixties, but I was 19 when I started dropping my old friends.
  • millie210
    I loved reading your post Faye Dunaway!
  • LoveUniHateExams
    When I was younger, I didn't abruptly stop hanging out with 'worldly' friends - it was a gradual process from 15 to 18 years old. I got baptised a month before my 16th birthday.
  • dogon
    I was raised in the cult so it was mandatory I have no friends but cult members from the beginning. This cult is so destructive its crazy.
  • Godsendconspirator
    I grew up catholic and started with witnesses when I was a teenager. I went to school from elementary to high school with the same group of people so I had/have very close friends. I always felt like I had to "dump" them as I studied more to get baptized but I just couldn't let them go. In the end, I let go of the witnesses first though I was baptized. Me and my friends try to refer to that time of my life as a "phase"

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