How old were you ??

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  • Clambake

    When you had to start dumping your worldy friends ??

    Just curious that's all. Not being a witness ( UBM here ) I think everyone has known a JW kid and at a certain age " My mommy won't let me play with you ".

    Never heard the other side of it.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    I never dumped my high school buddy who was a Baptist but then the elders did not know about it.
  • ToesUp
    Never dumped a worldly friend. They have been better friends than any JW ever was. These are the people we treasure.
  • TTATTelder

    I would say around age 8 it started to become an issue. I would be invited to the skating rink or a pool party. Couldn't go of course. If i pushed too hard it would turn into - "Why are you so involved with these worldly school friends?"


  • Garrett

    Ehm, personally, I wasn't much still am not much of a social creature, so I didn't have many friends... None of which I dumped. However I did dump my witness friends recently :P

  • OneEyedJoe

    I was never really allowed to have worldly friends until like senior year of highschool. At that point, it wasn't much of allowing it so much as my parents couldn't stop it. Like a lot of people, though, I lost touch with highschool friends when I left highschool and same story for college friends. Never dumped anyone for the cult, though.

    I do totally agree that my worldly friends were always much better friends than any JW. I just couldn't see it at the time for some reason, or if I did I ignored this obvious evidence that it wasn't "the truth."

  • kairos

    I was fresh out of high school when I started "witnessing" to my friends. ( 18 years old. 1986 )

    Thankfully none of them followed me in to the Org. I have started looking for my old friends. Many are accepting.

    After 29 years, it's nice to know that old friends and family are understanding of the dangers of mind control. I usually start with "I recently escaped from a mind control cult". That puts them at ease that I won't be "witnessing" to them any more. It's also an admission of my own mistakes.

  • stuckinarut2

    Im 40 (raised in the org) and are now only STARTING to establish REAL friends I

    I never developed such relationships growing up.... So now I see that I never really had any real friends...only conditional ones....

  • blondie
    My father was not a jw and my mother was obedient to her husband as long as it did not violate God's law. So we associated with my father's friends and our non-jw relatives. I saw who the elders' kids associated with at school, not jws and the worst of the non-jws. I found that many jws did not live what they preached.
  • Clambake

    On a somewhat related note, I have always wondered how JWs have managed to recruit anyone while using the terms “Worldly “and “False religion”.

    The odd meeting I have to go to I have pointed out how incredibly pompous and arrogant some of the rhetoric is. I think a light has gone off. Some of the more disgusting talks she doesn’t even waste her time asking me to go.

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