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  • exwitless

    I have a "Singing Kingdom Songs" CD. It's a CD recorded at Bethel of a few select JWs singing some of the more popular KMs . By the way, it always bothered me that most of the songs are sung by men. ALL songs that were sung solo were by men. The only songs by women were done as a duet or trio (I guess a woman singing a solo would have been too much like a woman giving a talk by herself). One of the men in particular sounds like an old fart trying to sound like he's a pro singer - gag! I can't believe I used to listen to this! Anyway, I need to dispose of it, but throwing it in the trash just won't feel that rewarding. My husband suggested we use it for a little target shooting practice. Any other creative ideas?

  • arwen

    You could use it for a coaster for you drinks or coffee. I use the ones from aol and other companies that sometimes come in the mail...

  • My MILs worst nightmare, a nonJW
    My MILs worst nightmare, a nonJW

    Sell it on Ebay...something that inspirational could fetch a pretty penny. Especially with the Bethel tie in. You can't put a price on divine inspiration.

    I can see the description now.....

    One of a kind, rare, collectors item....a JW's must have.

  • wiegel

    ebay baby!

  • ania

    You could use it for a frisbie for your dog, crucify it on a CROSS or dress it up as an angel (named allah) and place it at the top of your christmas tree!!!

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I LOVE that Christmas tree ornament idea. If you have a collection, you could glitz 'em up and hang 'em on the tree, eh?

  • DrMike

    10 seconds in the microwave will provide infinitly more entertainment that that CD ever did in a CD player.


  • nicolaou

    Pay some kid $10 to park outside the Kingdom Hall and belt it out of his souped up in-car hi fi during the Public Talk.

  • sass_my_frass

    Ebay it, but first, turn it into a MP3 joke. The sad old singer would be a great laugh. Every person with 10000 songs in their pocket could have one pop up every now and then that reminds them that religion is ridiculous.

  • exjdub

    Whatever way you choose to destroy it, be sure to wear a head covering to show the proper respect for what Jehovah has provided...LOL. You wouldn't want to show disrespect for the patriarchal singing arrangement.


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