What do you like best about the Bible?

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  • anewme

    I like the fact you can set it aside for a long time and pick it up and begin reading it again and gain alot of new insight you never were able to appreciate at the time.
    For example, as a young witness woman I used to identify with Ruth.
    Now as an older woman I identify with Naomi.
    I get some new gem of understanding every time I pick up the Bible.

  • mrsjones5

    why are these old threads popping up?

  • kid-A

    It must be the Resurrection of the Threads!!!!

  • Beans

    I love these quotes from the bible,


  • onacruse


    why are these old threads popping up?

    In my admittedly limited experience, most often this happens for one of two reasons:

    1) Someone is spamming the board...this we all despise;

    2) Someone is trying to divert attention away from contentious issues that are perceived as harming the board...this we can respect, as an act of sensitivity to the needs of those who post here.

    I wish life was simpler than that, but it ain't.


  • Terry
    Hmmm... difficult to say what I like best. I like the Bible's candor. I like the insights it provides into Jehovah's heart and mind although I have to admit that it is extremely difficult most of the time to fathom what He is thinking on the matter being discussed in Scripture. My favorite part of the Bible are the Gospels

    Once you realize this "candor" is a by-product of several opposing groups writing THEIR version of what the OTHER guy did and then all the story strands being redacted into a cut and paste presentation---well, the aspect of SELF-REVELATION goes out the window.

    Think of that scripture, too, about God not being the "author of confusion" and you'll immediately realize the very idea of allowing men to write "divine truth" in their own view and by their own hand is ridiculous because the Bible we have is certainly a jumble of confusion.

    If you say "No, it isn't" you have to explain why there are thousands of true and faithful readers who are all coming to divergent conclusions about the same words!!

    The Scriptures as not what they are presented as being. It is a fraud constantly updated and perpetuated by one group of people who hope to use the other group of people to self-advantage.

    There is always somebody at the "top" collecting on the service intended for God.

    A classic Con game.


  • mkr32208

    Well old post are ok I guess how else are you going to paw through 67 gazillion pages of post?

    As to the best thing about the bible I like the nice sound it makes while it burns...

  • Oroborus21


    The best part of the Bible is the part that was left unwritten.

    -Eduardo Leaton Jr., Esq.

  • OldSoul

    I like the cost. And the words, "Don't Panic," printed in large friendly letters on the cover is nice, too.

    [whispers coming from stage left] What?

    [more whispers] Oh! Really?

    {Ahem!} I apologize. I was thinking of something completely different.

  • anewme

    Its very interesting to study how the mind set of this forum has changed over the years and how certain anti Bible and anti religious, anti-spiritual contributors have taken over all the discussions, even in the areas designated for sincere Bible discussion. They must "mark" on or pee over every praise of the scriptures.

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