Please give Stacey a BIG welcome!

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  • Jourles

    Stacey is the one who I just recently made contact with again after over 15 years. We spoke today for a little while and it seems that she had not heard of many of the WTS doctrinal changes.(generation, UN, etc.) I'm sure you kind folks can help point her to a few links that show the biggies.

    I'll let Stacey write more about herself. I was just a punk kid that grew up around her family. Stacey, I'm pretty sure you will love it here. The people who post on this board are the best!

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Welcome Stacey!!

    It's so great to get in contact with people from the past!

    Even though I was raised in the truth, I was astonished at all the things I never knew that I learned here. I can't believe all the changes over the years that the society just quietly introduces. There are some fantastic people here that I have learned alot from.

    Great to have you here!


  • crazyblondeb
  • lisavegas420

    OOOooooOOOooo laa laa...oh wait..I forgot it wasnt' that kind of long lost friend...hehehe

    Welcome Stacey........ alt



  • JH

    Welcome Stacey

    Post away !!!

  • juni


    I know you'll learn a lot at this forum. There are so many loving, knowledgeable and witty people here.


  • freedomloverr


    okay, now let's get to the good stuff.....

    what kind of funny stories can you give us about Jourles as a *punk* kid... HE HE HE


  • jaguarbass

    Hello, Stacy.

  • seawolf


  • gadfly

    Thank you all for the warm and colorful welcome!

    I just posted (I finally figured out where to post and read stuff etc), so you can read it . . . not sure if it's here or in another forum . . . anyway -- since J called me STACEY, I guess everyone can! I wasn't sure if we were supposed to be anonymous or not . . .

    I did a lot of posting and writing on many Xdub websites about 10 years ago, but I'll happily jump in again. I think this all happened for a reason (not something i usually say), so I'm gonna go with it --

    Let's see . . Jourles stories . . . he was a skinny kid, really smart, with HUGE eyes. I'll tell the stereo story later (do you remember the stereo you installed for me, Jourles?)

    Thanks, everyone -- feels good to be "home" -- !

    stacey (aka the Gadfly)

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