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  • parlay

    Does anyone know if there is any information on whether it is correct or not for elders to allow a private wedding at the KH? It was my understanding that the KH was a public place.

  • sf

    Why not get your answer straight from the horse's ass:



    Post their answer.


  • sir82

    The "official" answer is, any meeting, including weddings, is considered "open to the public". If the elders want to follow the counsel from "mother", they can't hold any private event at the Kingdom Hall.

    Of course, there are a lot of elders out there who think they only answer to God, and that isn't so certain either, so they may just do what they feel like.

  • skyking

    When I was married at the HALL the ELDERS asked me not to let my DF'd uncle attend. The Society was called and we where told ALL MEETINGS except for Elder meeting or Ministerial Meeting or Judicial meeting were public.

  • parlay


    Thanks for the number. I just don't want to get any horse shite in my ear. LOL!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I've never heard of any non - witnesses being married at the kh, though they did allow a couple who were unbaptised publishers to marry some years ago at our hall. They were, however, baptised a few weeks later,

    Kingdom Halls are public places of worship, as are churches, but they are owned by the wts, and I doubt they'd allow a non - jw wedding. They certainly couldn't be compelled to do so by an outside agency.

  • becca1

    You might want to read the new Oct 15 Watchtower. It contains 2 study articles plus a followup article on weddings. A true example of overstepping the bounds of what is allowed in the scriptures, in my opinion.

    I could not believe that with all the important things that could be discussed they would dedicate so much space to "weddings". I guess they don't have anything better to do.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Your posters are correct. Public meetings include weddings. Invitations can be sent out, but none are needed to come into the Kingdom Hall and nobody could be excluded. The reception is different, of course, as it is held elsewhere.

  • parlay

    Official answer from service department was no private weddings at the Kingdom Hall.

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