I made contact after 15+ years

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  • sandy

    Welcome Gadfly! It's funny how the witnesses look on us with pity. They think b/c we are no longer active dubs we must be seriously depressed or involved in some immoral self-destructive behavior. I have never been more sane or happier in my life. They just don't get that. They cannot believe that someone could actually be happy w/out their mind-controlling religion. My family thinks I am blinded by Satan at the moment. They are all depressed with money and relationship problems and blame it all on Satan and his evil world. They don't seem to stop for one second to think "Hey maybe I can actually take control of my own life and make some changes to better my situation" I am so grateful that I was able to see the "light" and get my life together. I realize that my family only goes to the KH out of total fear. They are so afraid that armageddon can come any second. So if they go to the KH and study their WT and spend a few hours preaching JAh will spare them. If I could just say something to them to stop them in their tracks and make them doubt. But the fear is so strong and sometimes I'm afraid myself for them . . . What happens if they do doubt it all. I worry that they couldn't handle it, mentally.

  • gadfly


    Thanks -- I think the same things you do about my family. It breaks my hear that they are still in the Borg, but I wonder if they could handle it outside in the real world. Some people just need to be told what to do -- they need an answer for everything. My parents were the same way. Me -- I like the questions better than the answers.

    Ain't life grand?

    Celebrating with you!


  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    Welcome, Gadfly!

    Reading this post last night motivated me to call a childhood friend whom I haven't spoken to for 15 years. (Had to drink three beers for dinner first for courage.) I've had her number for a year but I was worried about the reception I'd get. I shouldn't have. We had an amazing conversation that lasted for an hour and a half.

    I realized while talking to her though that for all the people who come here and join the board and introduce themselves, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of other ex-JWs, who either still believe what they were taught about "evil apostates" or who are just not computer/internet savvy enough to search out a place such as this.

    I'm not sure that I would have picked up the phone last night had you not posted this, so thank you for sharing your experience.

  • SixofNine

    :slaps back of fingers against palm of other hand for emphasis: "....and.she.is.here.with.us.today!"

    What can I say, I love to hear the "experiences" :D

    Welcome, Gadfly.

  • gadfly

    Hemp lover --

    It's a "pay it forward" response -- life is now and in the future, and I'm so glad that J's response made you pick up that phone. What if we all did that? Whew -- maybe the attitude of the world would shift, ever so slightly. Isn't it GREAT to reconnect?????????

    Good for you!


  • Woofer

    Welcome Gadfly!

    I've been out 10 years (d/f) and have never been happier. I suppose it makes those who know incredibly jealous.

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