Tomfoolery! (Fluffy Stuff, Fluffer Nutters)

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  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    ............and the ever popular prayer: "..........and forgive us our falling shorts." I could help but picture the brother with his boxers around his ankles.
    did someone really pray this way? LOL. Like once, or on a regular basis, bizzy?

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Here are some of mine

    Brother closing prayer and says "and lord from the heart of our bottoms" instead of...... yip you got it

    Me and my pal out chapping the doors up a dimly lit entry and I look at him as he is about the chap the door and he has this big black mark on his face, he says what you laughing at I tell him and he says you have one too. Well we were pissin ourselves laughing when the door opens and we had to say sorry to the person and walk away. Turns out the newspaper we had been reading earlier had smudged onto our hands then onto our faces, oh the laughs

    A brother reading on platform comes to the word amphibian but reads it out as amfibam, you had to be there ok

    Good thread though


    I love it! Thanks, BM. My girlfriend and I, when in high school and on summer vacation auxiliary pioneering, would make each other laugh so hard we'd have to walk away from doors (i.e. quick run away since we already knocked) because we couldn't compose ourselves. NICE WITNESS, girls. Hahaha.

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