Tomfoolery! (Fluffy Stuff, Fluffer Nutters)

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  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Trying to think back how this went...

    18ish year old, unmarried brother and I (my wife and I had gotten married way before this) were taking doors early one holiday morning and this young brother took this one door. He was raised a jw. I definetly wasn't . The doorstep was narrow so he was infront of me fully in the way of what was to come. Anyway, this really hot young woman comes to the door. She was maaaaaad. She threw the front door open all the way, which really surprised me considering what she was wearing. I don't know if that poor, young brother had ever seen a shapely woman in a teddy before (stil remember it, red with black trim), but from his reaction I don't think so. While he tried to stammer out the typical wt bs for a few seconds (explaining why we were there, blah, blah, blah), I'm watching the back of his head as he is slowly looking her from head to toe and back again. And she starts in on how we (the jw's) are always waking people up on F*****G holidays (she's yelling by this point). I nudge him to try to get him back to this planet and say over his shoulder how sorry we are to have disturbered her. She slams the door....he justs stand there....and stands there. I finally had to turn him around and kind of lead him back down the walkway. I don't think I have ever seen a guy that shade of red in the face.

    OMG, Drummer Boy, that story is so funny. Poor Guy.

  • AlanF

    God, that's a funny story!

    I don't have any to top it, but here are a few little incidents with my parents that make me laugh/wince.

    I must have been about eight or so, and I started to do something of immediate consequence (can't remember what anymore) that my Dad didn't like. He hollered, "Nooooo-n't!" I couldn't stop laughing.

    I was about 15 and building a telescope. My dad had severe migraine headaches and other problems that almost incapacitated him fairly often. During one of these episodes, I wanted to order a telescope part from a company named Telescopics. I gave him some cash and he wrote me a check made out to Telespops.

    When I was about 10 or so, I did something that pissed off my mom. She was in the habit of beating me and my brother with one of those 1950s-60s plastic hairbrushes, and this time she took a good whack at my ass. The brush broke. We both started laughing and couldn't stop. That was the last time she took a whack at me.


  • exwitless

    I'm sure you've all been at a typical boring meeting and started laughing uncontrollably. Well, this topic made me thing of a time we were studying the Greatest Man book. The reader was supposed to read "a manger-fed bull" but instead he said "a manager-fed bull". My husband (Little Drummer Boy) started innocently chuckling (he was picturing a young McDonald's manager being fed right into a bull's mouth)then his laugh became contagious. Within a minute, several people were desperately trying to stifle their laughter. LDB couldn't control it, and had to leave the hall. He got to the back of the hall and let out a high pitched yelp with his hand over his mouth, instantly stirring up the laughter. The book study conductor had to stop in the middle of the study to ask what was so funny. It was one of the few times we actually had fun at a meeting.

  • juni

    There were sooo many bizarre and funny things that happened in f. service and on b. studies.

    One of THE MOST EMBARASSING MOMENTS for me was when I was pioneering. We were working the rural areas. The rest of the group were done so I left in my car to make some return visits to finish out my time. I stopped on this one man who took the mags. It was winter w/ a lot of snow. When I pulled up in front of his house I pulled over too far and the car got stuck.

    So I called on him and he took the mags. and I asked if I could use his phone to call someone to get me out of the ditch. That was fine w/him. Then I went back to the car. Waiting and waiting and waiting. Then I had to pee REALLY bad. There was no place around for a bathroom except - yep....I went back and asked the guy if I could use his bathroom. He said of course.

    When I came out and was thanking him who walks in from work? His wife. God I was soooo embarassed. She had such a mean look and told me never to come back again.


  • seawolf

    hehe funny stories. Being that they happened in the service of joe hoba makes them even more funny.

    My contribution:

    I was with a friend at the KH. We would all congregate at the front of the hall by the stage. Well, it was just me and one guy left. We were both about 12 or 13. Well, I mentioned a fish stick and then jokingly called it a fish dick. Well he laughed and yelled "A fish dick!!!" and then acted like it stabbed him in the uh rod and tackle and he moans out really loud. OMG I lost it. Well, I saw his dad (a MS) notice this going on and he rushes up to the front like Superman heading for a phone booth. He grabs his son away and asks him what did he just do and that was all I caught as he rushed him away from the bad association (me) Well, I didn't want to hear any crap so I made up excuses and didn't go to meetings for a month afterwards. Never did hear anything about it.

  • SirNose586

    Ren & flippin' Stimpy. You know, I liked to watch that show when it was on Nickelodeon--but I had to do it on the sly. My mom thought they were gay. I didn't know how she got that conclusion, all I knew was that if I was watching it on a Saturday afternoon, I had to turn it as soon as I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. To this day, I have a sixth sense for when people are coming down the stairs or up to my room, no matter what I'm doing. It's from years of quickly switching away from Ren & Stimpy.

    Fortunately, I win in the end: I now have every Ren & Stimpy episode out there (except maybe the Spike TV ones) and tons of cartoons and pictures of R&S. I have pretty much what any R&S fan could ever want, and I can watch it whenever I want.

    It's the same deal I had to make for cartoons, too. I grew up in the Golden Age of Saturday morning cartoons; X-Men, Spiderman, Batman TAS, etc. I now have them all on my storage drive...

  • AlanF

    I remembered a couple more.

    In the late 1960s, when bra-burning was the rage in certain circles, one brother who wasn't too bright was assigned to read something from the book of Jeremiah. He mixed up the words brazier and brassiere. His reading came out like this:

    "And the king was sitting in the winter house, in the ninth month, with a brassiere burning before him. Then it came about that as soon as Jehudi had read three or four page-columns, he proceeded to tear it apart with the secretary’s knife, pitching it also into the fire that was in the brassiere until all the roll ended up in the fire that was in the brassiere."

    Most everyone in the KH couldn't stop laughing.

    During one round of making motions to send the Society some money, this same brother said, "I second that emotion."

    One quite fat sister, who was generally regarded as wierd, sometimes passed gas during the meeting quite loudly. One time, she bent over to pick up a book from the floor and let a loud one loose. I mean, it was just, bend over and FAAAAAAARRRRTTTT! Us kids lost it.


  • FlyingHighNow

    We had a very handsome, very witty elder who was conducting the Watch Tower lesson one Sunday. He asked for comments on a photo in the article. It was a pic of some Peruvian Indian standing in front of a big pile of corn. The first brother to comment said, "Well, there's this Indian guy standin' in front of a whole bunch of bananas..." The next brother had to be a smartass-know-it-all and correct the first brother, "That is an Indian, but he's standin' in front of a pile of CORN, NOT bananas...."

    The elder, using his quick wit to save the first brother and the rest of us some embarrassment commented, "Say, isn't that the corn-banana? Many of our brothers have been fooled by the corn-banana."

    Of course we all nearly died laughing. That was one of the most enjoyable brothers I knew while in the org.

  • juni

    These are all so good!

    AlanF - I remember too when the same person seconded the motion. It was so funny!!

    We had a sister who would always clip her fingernails during the meetings. Click, click, click.

    Everyone laughed silently. She never got it.

    Another very self righteous sister would always turn around in her seat and give different ones the evil eye. She did this to my teen daughter and my daughter would stick her tongue out. I woud signal this sister w/my finger to turn around. It was fun playin' w/her. She'd give a mean look, but she would turn around!


  • FlyingHighNow

    My very southern ex husband used to blame all of our kid problems on "that MTV." "It's that MTV causin' all the problims in this house."

    "If you hadn't a been lettin' them kids watch that MTV, Heather...." The kids would do impressions of him behind his back and I couldn't help but laugh.

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