Did God break his own rules by making Mary pregnant

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  • lighthouse19something

    If a couple uses a sperm donor, WTBS says that is adultery even though no sex was involved betweew the donor and wife. Did God covet Joseph's fiance?

  • blondie

    I wondered that myself and expressed that to a few...

  • diamondblue1974
    If a couple uses a sperm donor, WTBS says that is adultery

    I hadnt heard that? Is that true?


  • under_believer

    Ha! This is the funniest thing I've read all week.

    I mean yeah, he was all pissed when the angels came down to get some action, and then he turns around and impregnates Mary! He's like Zeus. I wonder if he took the shape of a swan, too?

    I realize this is a deliberate misunderstanding of the concept of immaculate conception but I still get a huge kick out of it.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I've never thought of that one. I'm glad no one ever asked me on the doors.

    I seem to remember seeing that the wts said something about sperm donors being adultery, but I can't recall when or where.

  • diamondblue1974

    Personally I dont believe a word of it...

    Mary finds herself up the duff after a wild night of wanton sex in whatever town she lived in; when she discovers that shes pregnant and cant get the morning after pill she needs an excuse and quick. So she begins the tail of a mysterious spirit being that came down from the sky and planted the seed inside her.

    Naturally not believing a bloody word of it Joseph does one and goes to the pub to drown his sorrows; he arrives back home pissed as a fart and falls into a deep alcohol and heart-broken induced sleep. During this sleep his subconscious wanting to believe mary's wild story dreams up another spirit which tells him that this incredulous story is actually true.

    That morning Joseph, teary eyed wakes with a foul taste in mouth and a head feeling like a chariot has rode over it decides that he wants things to carry on with mary but needs to save face and therefore lets mary off the hook. He also needs an excuse to tell the blokes in the pub as they were more than aware he wasnt getting any and that any child couldnt have been his.

    I swear thats exactly how it happened...


  • skyking

    I never know the Society would take a stand on something so presonnal the Bastards anyway.

  • Satanus

    By bandoning her to another after he had sex w her and got her pregnant was irresponsible, negligent. What if all men copied yhwh's example?


  • blondie
    If a couple uses a sperm donor, WTBS says that is adultery

    I hadnt heard that? Is that true?

    DB, that is true. It the sperm or egg come from someone other than the husband or wife, the wife would be guilty of adultery. Surrogate mothers are not allowed either.





    First, let us briefly consider what reportedly has occurred, as illustrated by the first instance, which took place in England.

    The woman was unable to conceive normally because of a problem with her Fallopian tubes, through which the egg cell must pass to reach the uterus. So by minor surgery scientists extracted one of her ripe eggs and placed it in a laboratory dish with sustaining nutrients. Her husband’s semen was added and fertilization occurred. After some days the group of growing cells (blastocyst) was carefully introduced into her uterus where it grew normally, and a baby was delivered.

    In this case the sperm and the egg came from husband and wife. This is noteworthy from the Biblical standpoint. Why? Because of a law God gave to the ancient Israelites: "You must not give your emission as semen to the wife of your associate to become unclean by it." (Lev. 18:20, 29) That law was given when modern artificial insemination and "test-tube-" baby procedures were not available; yet it does indicate God’s thinking.

    From the Bible we must conclude that if conception is accomplished with the sperm and an egg not from husband and wife, it would amount to adultery or fornication. The Scriptures leave no doubt as to God’s view of such: "God will judge fornicators and adulterers." (Heb. 13:4; Matt. 19:9) But what if a married couple who had not otherwise succeeded in having children were offered the possibility of submitting to the procedure described above? Here are some aspects to be considered:

    Would all the mechanical steps involved—with conception occurring in a laboratory dish—make the matter seem so unnatural or bizarre as to be ethically objectionable to them?

    The egg in the dish (before and after fertilization) is sustained by nutrients. In at least some of the cases that have already occurred blood serum was used as the nutrient. Thus God’s law on blood comes into the picture.—Acts 15:28, 29; Lev. 17:13, 14.

    News accounts say that in some cases after conception scientists have destroyed the fertilized egg because they believed that it would not develop properly or would have genetic defects. If so, would this not be the equivalent of abortion? And to what extent would the "parents" have a voice in or responsibility for such a termination of a newly begun life?

    Furthermore, some scientists are concerned about genetic abnormalities appearing, either during development in the womb or later.

    These are aspects that a Christian would appropriately want to consider, though recognizing that in the final analysis a personal decision would have to be made.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Here's one for you...actually two for you..

    1. What if my uterus was not capable of carrying a child. But my eggs were fine. And so artificially, we had my husbands sperm and my egg put together and planted in another woman who was willing to carry the baby for us. Would they have committed adultry then?? Would I have?? Would it have been considered a orgy??? A threesome without the fun..ha ha justjoking. But seriously it gets ridiculous! CONTROL! CONTROL! CONTROL!!

    2. What about Abraham and Sarah?? Did Abraham not commit adultry with his concubine to have children??


    Lady Liberty

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