My UN email to my dad, he called the Writing Dept (this is long)

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  • Mary
    We have been warned that, because this is the organization Jehovah is using does not mean they are more than imperfect people like us.

    That's the funny thing: who is it that's telling them that "this is the organization Jehovah is using"?? Why, it's the Organization itself! Any religion can make the exact same claim.

    But for right now they are Jehovah's means.

    Once again, how does he know this? Because he's been told this from the platform.

    You know we have always been told to look up the scriptures and not to accept someone's opinion.

    Ya. And what happens when you can prove from the scriptures that many of their doctrines are false? You're labelled an "apostate".

    Look at all the things they said about Jesus.

    Ya, and look at all the things they said about Ray Franz.

    He went into the temple and synagogues even tho he knew they were false religion.

    Sooo, then why aren't Witnesses allowed to go into other churches, even thought they "know" they're false religion? Are they better than Jesus? Why are Witnesses disfellowshipped for attending another church?


  • Kenneson

    You need to show your dad the following Press Release from the United Nations dated 1992, the same year the Watchtower Society was accepted as an associate NGO to DPI. It will leave no doubt as to what the Watchtower Society knew and what they agreed to. As a matter of fact, why don't they make public the document they claim to originally possess that doesn't conflict with their beliefs, whereas what came out in 2001 they could not subscribe to? How could it significantly differ from the Press Release? And why did the titles of Awake articles appear on the U.N. site if not a fulfillment of their requirements? ThirdWitness made a claim that articles on the U.N. appeared in the pages of Watchtower literature before 1992 and after 2001. Perhaps so, but only during that period of 10 years do we find the titles of these articles on the U.N. site. So what does that tell us? Whitewash by any other name is still whitewash.

    As a matter of fact, just go to and read all the info on the United Nations there. But especially take a look at the 1994 United Nations Brochure, pages 206 and 207 More proof that the Watchtower Society is bluffing.

  • AuldSoul

    Try this terminology on him:

    The WTS became an associate member of the United Nations Department of Public Information, not of the UN. They can't be a member of the UN, they aren't a government. Is being a member of the mouthpiece, the spokeperson of the UN any better than being a member of the UN? Why is that better? How could they voltarily attach to ANY PART of that "disgusting thing" that causes desolation? I thought we weren't suppose to touch anything unclean, so that we could stay unblemished.

    You are doing a great job so far.


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