My UN email to my dad, he called the Writing Dept (this is long)

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    Just after noon today, I called the Brothers in Brooklyn writing dept.
    about this, just finished a long conversation with them.

    I think the writing dept is in Patterson, NY now. Also does he know someone in writing? Normally those kinds of calls go to the service dept or public relations if its a news agency.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    In 2001 the permit was cancelled by the Society because of adverse
    remarks by apostates. Isn't Satan shrewd!!

    Gosh - I understood they withdrew the day AFTER they were exposed in National newspaper.

  • Mary

    The big question (in my mind) is why they needed access to the UN's library in the first place. What information did they have that was not available at the New York City Public Library, which has the largest circulation and research depts. in the world......I'd maybe ask him that to see what he says.

  • mama1119

    Very nicely written, and you bring up some very good points. I hope he thinks a little about what you are telling him.

  • TD
    I can easily imagine the dialogue that led to the WTS getting on the UN NGO list. I would have thought it cock-up rather than conspiracy. I can easily imagine some twat researcher, with only a couple functional neurons, approaching the UN library desk......

    LOL, Except that's not what happened.

    Ciro Aulicino is more than just some "twat researcher" who didn't know what he was getting into. Lloyd Barry and Robert Johnson's names were also given as contacts. These two gentlemen were certainly more than minor functionaries. Further, Aulicino stated (To Barbara Anderson) that the 1991 pro-UN articles that had everybody scratching their head were written by him (Aulicino) at Barry's direction, so it seems very unlikely that Barry (At least) was unaware of the affliation

  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    Get a rope. More jibberish from my dad, likely nothing new-but in case anyone has forgotten any of the lingo:
    Dear Catfish,

    Remember I said how shrewd satan is. I was reading over and over, the application for obtaining a DPI-NGO admittance pass and I noticed that no where on the application, mentioned the criteria for NGO/DPI to become associated or include the following: (that you wrote in your letter). That info was on the "To Whom It May Concern" letter written by this Paul Hoeffel, Chief, NGO Section, Department of Public Information. The
    brother I spoke to in NY said that when they filled out the application, they found nothing on it that would conflict with
    our religious beliefs. Look it up and read it your self on the Internet. The one we have is the YEAR 2006 ACCREDITATION
    FORM. At the time the Internet was not as available as today when they do not need to be present at their
    meetings. Also because apostates were making such a big thing of it. You notice the letter, dated 4 March 2004, to whom
    it may concern, was worded as tho the DPI disassociated the WTBTS.

    Imagine if we got the truth in the days when the Society celebrated Christmas, used the cross, smoked, etc. Back in the days
    when "brother" Franz was on the Gov. Body, many weird things happened. Later it was found out he was an apostate.
    We have been warned that, because this is the organization Jehovah is using does not mean they are more than
    imperfect people like us. Some day they might be disbanded, you never know. But for right now they are Jehovah's means.
    You know we have always been told to look up the scriptures and not to accept someone's opinion besides the Bible's
    written word. Look at all the things they said about Jesus. He went into the temple and synagogues even tho he knew
    they were false religion. Then at Acts 21:26, the Apostle Paul "cleansed himself ceremonially and went into the temple" even though
    he was not under the Law anymore. Why did they do those things?

    How about when Peter denied Jesus and regretted it later, but Jehovah still used him as his spokesman at Pentecost, did you ever wonder how
    many were stumbled over that? At another time Peter refused to eat with Gentiles, then the Apostle Paul called him on it.
    The point is they were imperfect people and when they smarted up they made changes. Jehovah was still using them.

    The thing to think about is, why did the society decide to terminate their association with the DPI if not for the reason I gave you? Another
    thing, in Revelation, Jesus is pictured holding seven stars in his hand. They are the elders, who is imperfect, Jesus?
    If you only knew some things I know you might really be stumbled. The point is, if we allow these supposed roadblocks to question the avenue
    of our worship then we fall into the trap satan is using to undermine our faith. I feel that all should serve and always love
    Jehovah, because he is GOD, we know for a certainty that he is going to set matters straight but only in his good time .

    Do you remember that years ago, we all went to the YWCA for diving lessons? The ______s, us and even you. Why did we go?
    Because that's where the instructor gave lessons. We, Mom & I personally will not shop at the Salvation Army thrift store, but
    some of our friends do. Isn't the Salvation Army part of Babylon the Great? Everyone's conscience is different. You have a very
    keen conscience and that is a good thing I think. What if you leave your drivers license at home? Will you walk home?

    When the apostle Paul was talking about eating or not eating food offered to idols, he continued; "Keep watching that
    this authority of yours does not somehow become a stumbling block to those who are weak", that's found at 1 Cor 8:9.
    What did you think of Brother Swingle? Remember he stayed with us for a couple of days many years ago in Glendale. You spoke with him for a long time. He was just a man wasn't he? Made a lot of mistakes probably. Mom, Me, You, and Bobby as well as all people, are imperfect and all of us have and will make mistakes and fall short.

    Again, like I said, satan is VERY SHREWD. Watch out he's like a roaring lion seeking to devour us. What will he use next? We have to be
    careful in everything we do because he can turn something that might seem to be ok for us into something that can be a cause for stumbling to
    ourselves or others, like in this case. There are things that your Mother and I have experienced and have been through recently and over the
    years that could have caused a stumbling. You know about some of that when you lived with us but not other things since you left home. We have
    always kept in mind that it is Jehovah God we are serving.

    IT IS SO NICE to hear from you, even with your concern and questions. We take very seriously the things that you said that really bothered you,
    even calling New York to get first hand info..

    Sincerely, we hope the info we have written will clear up those things. Just have to accept that those things happened but are not going on
    now. If we want to find fault we can. We know for a cirtainty, that it was the Faithful Slave Class that provided the information that taught us
    Jehovahs' name and the wonderful hope that is in our future and they are the ones that Jehovah is using to direct his work on the Earth today.
    Then how could you or we as imperfect people criticize them for making mistakes, remembering that they are also imperfect men ? Hopefully like
    us you accept that they are Jehovahs' means for directing his congregation today.

    We will always love you.

    Mom & Dad

  • confusedjw

    I wonder if he counted his time in writing this and counted it as a return visit?

  • daystar
    Also because apostates were making such a big thing of it.

    He's saying here that his information indicates that the WBTS disassociated from the UN as an NGO because "apostates were making such a big thing of it"?

    If their association was so innocent, why allow the pressure to cause policy change? It's because it wasn't as innocent as they make it sound. Even if it was supposedly so they could have access to the library... hell, especially so! To have become, even loosely, associated with the UN in such a way, for such an idiotic reason, is hypocritical to say the least.

    I can just imagine the GB saying "I jus' kidding!!!!"

  • AudeSapere

    confusedjw wrote: I wonder if he counted his time in writing this and counted it as a return visit?
    LOL I wondered the same thing! Regarding the DPI/NGO thing. Did I read somewhere that there were other benefits to signing up? Not just access to information but possibly access to other services (like aircraft)?? I don't remember if or where I would have read this but seems likely that if there were other 'benefits' to be received than just access to information, the WTS would be all over that. (Most self-respecting JW's are up for a hand-out and their leaders are at the front of the lines.) [Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that...!! - to quote Seinfeld] -Aude.

  • bebu

    Watch out he's like a roaring lion seeking to devour us. What will he use next? We have to be
    careful in everything we do because he can turn something that might seem to be ok for us into something that can be a cause for stumbling to
    ourselves or others, like in this case.

    Tell him hat is exactly why you are being careful. You are looking to be sure that the charge was accurate, and the defense was accurate. You might break it to him that your own checking about the library card seems to indicate that it was NOT required. Maybe ask your dad to call the UN and see if that was really the case as the WTS said. If the WTS is telling untruths, you have every right to be cautious.

    I suppose you can mention you would be able to feel better if there was a coming-clean about it, and an apology issued. That might help you feel less stumbled, hey?


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