Check your "Schedule" before you commit.......

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  • whyamihere

    Back in June, a good friend of mine fianc'e asked if I would be a bridesmaid in their upcoming wedding on Dec 30th. "Of course I would love to" I proclaimed - plus I said I would volunteer my services to the flower arrangements.

    My brother calls me up today saying - "So are you going to the Bear game?" I said "Hell yeah, you think I would miss it?" "OK, the game is on Dec 31st and we'll be leaving the day before to Chicago and party" my brother said. I then remembered I committed to a wedding. Now I am pissed off. Seriously, I would rather go to a football game dead of winter and freeze my arse off and cheer on the Bears than stand up and looking all fabulous in a wedding.

    Do I need help? Is there a 12 step program for a sports addict? Should I tell them to postpone the wedding?(lol)

    Since my Cubs suck this year(as every year) all I have now is my Bears. 3-0 thank you very much..... woe is me. We have had this planned since last year and I totally forgot the date.


  • whyamihere

    p.s. May the Chicago Bear bashing commence...........

  • sspo

    You better go to the wedding and take care of your friends, you volunteered,

    The bears will lose anyway so it's best not to watch the game.

  • beautifulisfree


    It depends...Who are da Bears playing?? Personally I would rather be in a wedding then go to a Bears game...But then again if it was the Pack then you bet your bottom dollar I would bail on the wedding!

  • whyamihere
    The bears will lose anyway so it's best not to watch the game.

    LOL, I love it!

    Beautifulisfree...Funny you say that. They're playing the Packers that day.

    I'll go to the wedding, its fine. However, I wouldn't be that sad if the wedding the cancelled or the groom didn't show up. If that does happen, I'll be in a bridesmaid dress at the game.

    Side note to Beautifulisfree....Shall we plan a football party this year? I'll host it @ Buttlight's


  • jaguarbass

    Its too bad, but experiencing conflict is part of being human. Every one has conflicts.

  • kerj2leev


    If you guys need a place to crash you would be welcome!

  • restrangled

    Being taught with JW ethics, I would have no problem backing out of a wedding. Seriously, brides maids are just that ....Maids.....send her a great wedding gift.


  • Sassy

    That's kind of Sad Brooke that you are close enough to someone that you would be picked for Bridesmaid..

    but you wish you could miss the wedding to get to the game..

    (and I AM A HUGE FOOTBALL FAN myself.. but it doesn't really say much for where your friends prioritize in your life)

  • JH

    You could tell the Bears to play the week end after...

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