When you read the watchtower.....................

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  • vitty

    How did you feel when you read the WTs when you were still in the org. After the fist couple of years of being in, I avoided it as much as I could. It was like reading a day old newspaper over and over again. With just the headline changing.

    I hated the study articles and whipped through them as quick as I could. I hated myself for this, because I felt wicked that I had no appreciation for Jehovahs food. The same old examples were brought out , David, Paul Timothy grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Now I know why I felt like I did. So how did YOU "feel" when you read them. Did you love them or hate them.?

  • Honesty

    I quit reading that trash when my ex would bring one with her for our 'Bonding Sessions." I didn't mind the Bible but when she started bringing the litter a ture I always got a migraine and had to prematurely quit Bonding with her.

  • BizzyBee
    It was like reading a day old newspaper over and over again. With just the headline changing.

    I can't improve on your assessment of the literary merits of the WT. Spot on!

  • mrsjones5

    I only read the wt when I had to, on the rare occasions that my mother would want to have a family study. Other than that I avoided the sad mag like the plague and would only open one during the Sunday wt study which would really piss Mom off cuz she could see that I had not studied (i.e. underlined the obivious answer) and her hope of me raising my hand and answering was dashed for yet another Sunday.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Well, I'm embarassed to admit it now, but for years I used to enjoy reading the magazines, and really look forward to each new edition.

    That lasted until a couple of years before I left, when I used to get that "same old" feeling, as it always seemed that whatever was in there, I'd seen it before.

  • juni

    In one word BORING. At least the Awake had some useful info.


  • AlmostAtheist

    Same as you, Vit'. Tired of reading it, especially hated dragging thru the long-ass study articles. And of course I enjoyed tons of guilt for it!

    Remember when they used to mail them? And you'd wind up with unwrapped magazines sitting in your junk drawer? It was like having freakin' Jesus wagging his finger at me!

    Sweet, sweet guilt. How I miss it! :-P


  • Lapuce

    I hated it, only read it for the study, I did enjoy awake though, but the Watchtower, its good to light the fireplace...

  • vitty

    Do you think if they took a secret poll in the hall, it would show most witness hated reading the mags?

    I used to think I was the only one.

  • vitty

    I think I need to go on a pro witness board and ask them..........does anyone know of one?

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