What would the wts do if most jws refused to shun people who leave?

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    Many ex jws and faders agree that being shunned, or the thought of being shunned, is the hardest part of leaving the wts, and undoubtedly keeps many in who would rather be out. I wonder what would happen if the majority of current jws defied the rule and refused to shun leavers. Would there be mass df'ings, which would leave the ranks somewhat depleted, or would the wts be forced to change it's rules?

    Of course, such a rebellion is to say the least highly unlikely anytime soon, but if it ever did, how do you think the wts hierachy would react?

  • blondie

    Well, since the WTS is a cult, I doubt that the majority will rise up and do anything against the WTS.

    There have been a few congregations I know of that sent a petition to the WTS and were summarily df'd and disbanded.

    Historically, rebels, few or many, against the WTS have not prevailed.


  • ButtLight

    It should happen!!!!! But sadly enough it wont. What I dont get is that the jw's cant see that this is not a loving act!!!! Such a loving god like jah would agree with such nonsence??

  • Finally-Free

    The policy of shunning is the only thing that enables the watchtower to have any power over its members. I don't think the watchtower could survive without it. Shunning, more than anything else, prevents members from finding out the truth about the cult, or acting on it.


  • Zico

    I would have left this religion by now if it wasn't for disfellowshipping.

    Disfellowshipping, is cruel, and illogical, but it is in the bible, so the Society will never change the teaching.

    If they ever did remove the doctrine, I believe the 'apostates' would come out in full force, and the numbers of the Org would drop dramatically anyway, they need this teaching, to keep control of the members, and to restrict people like me from speaking their mind.

  • OnTheWayOut

    If it were mostly one congregation or one area, they would probably try the mass DF to scare the rest into falling in line.

    If it were widespread everywhere, it would be the CO's talk and a District Convention part and a WT study.

    They might still try DF for a few here-and-there to scare the rest.

    This would be similar to the 1980's shake-up in New York, removing Bethelites who were


  • ButtLight
    Shunning, more than anything else, prevents members from finding out the truth about the cult, or acting on it.

    You know, thats just it! Especially those who were dfed for asking too many questions. If the jw's cant talk to them, or wont, then they cant find out what was learned. Same with the Net! "Dont go on the internet, there is too much apostate lies!" Lies? or the truth about the truth? Thats why they are so damn worried!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    As Buttlight says, it should happen, if those people have genuine love amongst themselves, but it won't. They would have to collectively recognise the truth about shunning - that it is an unloving act that causes pain, heartbreak and even suicide in those who it is inflicted on. They would have to see that, whatever the wts say, they are using it as a weapon to keep people in line.

    Trouble is, most jws only see shunning for what it really is when they have left the org or are fading. I always hated to shun people, but still did it because I wanted to be a good jw, until I was having doubts and refused to shun a da'd friend, and I know the majority in my kh didn't like shunning people either, but not because we saw the injustice of it. We just found it difficult to have to ignore people we had, in some cases, known for years.

  • Morgan

    Finally Free has a good point..they demand shunning to keep the r&f at thier mercy. It's basically a family bred religion, (in my local cong. anyway).

  • garybuss

    Witnesses I know will often snub another Witness they lost track until they establish what their standing is with the book printing business. I've had Witnesses I knew from the circuit but I hadn't seen for 20 years, ask me if I still go to meetings.

    As soon as I tell them I don't go to meetings anymore, away they go.

    The only reason the current caste system works is because the Witness people by and large accept and practice it.

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