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  • I.Wonder

    Thank You All So Much!!!

    I am grateful for all of your ideas and encouragement. I feel as if I have recieved more care and concern here than I ever have at any Kingdom Hall.

    Brightest Blessings,


  • katiekitten

    Welcome, I.Wonder. Im glad you find some encouragement here, I do too, and I love reading or talking to people who understand it all.

    I did a fade about 8 years ago so I dont have the same problems you are facing. In fact when I was in and trying real hard to get a bible study I was stupendously ineffective! So I guess its harder than you would imagine to get a convert! When I was still trying hard I found the MOST INEFFECTIVE presentation was "hello, would you like a free home bible study?" Guaranteed to fail every time. Second on my innefective list was "Hello I am just asking people what they think to this bible verse?" (then attempt to read a scripture. One from Revelations would kill it dead).

    I used to do 4 hours a month for years. You could report 4 hours by going out twice a month. Or, you could report 4 hours by going out once a month and doing lots of informal witnessing (dont actually DO it, just say you do if anyone challenges you).

    Good luck with your dilemma, and keep checking in when its safe to do so.

  • Alpheta

    Hi I.W.

    Welcome to the board! When I started feeling really uncomfortable about going out in the field service (because I no longer was sure I was talking about "the truth"), I developed some "health problems" (blood pressure and "female" problems - something you sure can't talk to those Elders about, lol!) along with an increased work schedule (either work the hours or lose my job, and no one in the congregation ever told me to lose the job), so Saturday and/or Sunday mornings just weren't available anymore to go door-to-door. At first, to keep up time, I did writing territory, which historically has been know NOT to produce any response whatsoever. So, I felt I was "doing my duty."

  • PopeOfEruke

    Welcome I. Wonder!

    You wrote:

    I feel as if I have recieved more care and concern here than I ever have at any Kingdom Hall.

    Well that's actually not too difficult!!

    Enjoy your stay here...


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