Preaching the Watchtower Society's Message of Morality

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  • The wanderer
    The wanderer
    The Morals Taught by the Watchtower Society

    There are two sides to this story and once again it will spark a
    heated controversy. And once again, I make no apologies for
    discussing the issue.

    The Basic Structure of Keeping Morally Clean

    Recalling my memories as a Jehovah's Witness, there was always
    counsel regarding sexual morality, drinking, smoking and the like.

    Overall, that counsel helped construct a solid foundation and per-
    spective concerning moral soundness. And in addition, helped
    instill a certain moral fiber.

    The Covering up of Matters

    However, the counsel regarding the morality may have been all
    well and good, the fact of the matter is that the Watchtower
    Society is responsible for covering up matters regarding child

    Your Perspective Regarding this Matter

    Everyone on this board is unique in that they have a certain
    view point regarding this issue. What is yours?

    Please post your point of view taking both sides of the account
    into consideration in order for all on this discussion panel
    to benefit.


    The Wanderer

  • AuldSoul
    Recalling my memories as a Jehovah's Witness, there was always counsel regarding sexual morality, drinking, smoking and the like.

    There was always enforcible direction regarding these, as well. Morality cannot be enforced or coerced. It isn't an instance of teaching morality if the resulting behavior is the focus. It is behavior modification.

    the fact of the matter is that the Watchtower Society is responsible for covering up matters regarding child molestation.

    Among the many, many matters they have covered up, this one also shows a lack of true morality and reveals clearly that the outward appearance of morality is the overriding concern of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. As with behavior modification efforts, their coverup is only designed to affect outward appearances. How could the organization encourage its followers to do anything other than what they themselves do? A student cannot be greater than his master. If the master only cleans the outside of the cup and only whitewashes the grave, the student will follow suit.

    A wonderfully simple demonstration of this is available in the following statement: "as we work hard to demonstrate 'the fruitage of the spirit'. (Galatians 5:22, 23)"

    The entire argument surrounding the verses cited discusses the distinction between the works produced by the flesh as opposed to the works produced by the spirit. The spirit bears fruit if it is genuinely within a person. The person can only demonstrate the fruitage if they are pretending to have the spirit. The harder they have to work to do so, the more evident it is that they do not have the spirit. But, JWs are strongly encouraged to cleanse the outside of that cup and whitewash that grave.

    The practice of enforcing doctrinal viewpoints even in the known absence of Scriptural support, while stating that all beliefs and practices are based on the Bible is about as far from morality as a "Christian" organization can stray, short of encouraging mass suicide.

    True morality is not an outward show. JWs do not teach true morality. They teach behavior modification.


  • Zico

    How many of those JW's will stay moral simply because they are afraid of getting in trouble? Or just to look good? Some JW's are genuinely moral, but so are many worldly people. Often though, it's just an act, it's incredible what some JW's will do when they know that nobody is watching.

  • schne_belly

    Wanderer –

    Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that they have a morally clean organization.They believe this on the same basis that they believe everything else – because they are told so.

    Experience tells me otherwise – the congregations are full of divorce, cheating on mates, etc, etc.Youth ‘secretly’ participate in any number JW defined ‘morally un-clean’ activities.

    Yet – Joe Witness will still proclaim with a certain pride in his voice how clean Jehovah’s people are – so unlike the ‘world.’

  • yucca

    Its all a big game. Its about not getting caught. I knew this couple who when they chose to sin they just stopped going to meetings. When they decided to behave back to the meetings they would go. They never got into any trouble or kicked out. They did this on and off for years.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    The jws appear to many as decent, clean, morally upstanding people, and individually many of them are. However, appearances can be deceptive, and we are well aware that the wts is not above lying if it achieves their purpose. They are not above covering up criminals, because that's what child abusers are, it it protects the reputation of the org.

    They claim to be a religion built on the principle of love, yet fail time and time again to show love to the most vulnerable amongst them, putting protection of the wts' clean image above the protection of a child.

    They may preach a message of morality, but in my view they often fail to practice what they preach.


    Wanderer..Jehovah`s Witness`s are some of the most immoral people I have ever met,although I wouldn`t paint them all with the same brush..The WBT$ message of morality is a joke..Considering the "Pediphile Problem",The WBT$ association with the United Nations",WBT$ accepting money from a trust fund that includes stock from tobacco giant Phillip Morris",the list goes on..WBT$ has no right to preach morality to anyone.....The WBT$ has killed more Jehovah`s Witness`s than any other organiztion on earth...OUTLAW

  • done4good

    The child molestation cases only indicate the failure of the WTS's coerced version of morality. As stated by Auld Soul, morality cannot be forced or coerced on someone, although it can be taught. The only way to force "morality" is through use of fear. FEAR of being df'd. FEAR of dying at the big A, FEAR of shame in front of the congregation, etc. What happens is, this concept backfires on the society in cases such as child molestation. It is far too shameful, ON THE ORGANIZATION, so it is brushed under the table. This could just as easily apply to anything the average person would consider extremely repugnant. If the immoral act is TOO bad, (as to make the organization itself look bad), the easiest thing for elders to do, is "make the problem go away". No public reproof, no DF'ing, because they know that the congregation, (and in this case, those OUTSIDE the congregation), would eventually find out why.


  • girasole

    It's all about appearances with the JWs. I have to consider too the motivation for the morality teachings. The reason for enforcing them is more for, again, appearances than for the good of the members. And it's another means of creating a "them" and "us" mentality. They can piously consider themselves better than other religions and others in general because they take measures to enforce teachings of morality but they don't hesitate to lie to cover things up, shun their family members, and condemn everyone that does not agree with them.

    Morality is not as black and white as to encompass only the likes of abstaining from sex, drinking, and drugs. It's about acting ethically and showing respect for other human beings.


  • carla

    Morality and jw's in the same sentence? Surely you jest.

    Being moral is what you do when no one is looking and there is no thought or fear of someone finding something out. Enforced morality is immaturity at its finest. It is like the child who will not do a thing, not because it is the best choice in life or the moral thing to do, but because if mom & dad found out they would 'kill me!' The choices are ready made for you no thought needed. No questioning of the heart or soul, no growth.

    Have a problem with alcohol? join AA or any church group that also has alcohol programs or the many non religious ones out there as well

    Have a problem with bad language? increase your vocabulary

    Have a problem with sex? see a therapist, find a group, join a church group for those problems, if all else fails keep your pants on.

    There are many social agencies, church groups, non profits, etc... to help deal with nearly every problem that plagues man. To say one didn't do that or won't if only they become a jw is ridiculous.

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