What are the 5 biggest WTS scandals?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    If any have followed my latest thead you know that I am scheduled for 'termination' by a JC in about two weeks time.

    I am deciding what if anything to do about the matter - i.e; DA letter, just ignore and let then DF me, or some other option. One appealing option is writng a DA letter, not to the elders, but instead to three or four former friends in the truth, explaining the reasons for my exit, based entirely on conscience. I have the base of this letter underway, but would like to list succinctly three or four of the more significant matters of moral interpetude by the WTS. I want to state them in such a way that it would appeal to the hearts of these few witnesses, and provide sufficient non-internet references for them to prove it to themselves should they elect to do so.

    The problem I am having is just that - referencing the UN, Swagart, Bulgaria, Mexico bribery scandals etc without bringing the evil internet into play.

    Any ideas as to how to do this? Most witnesses would discard anything from an apostate to begin with - a letter with internet ref's would just be more than they could take - most of the witnesses I know are internet neophytes to begin with. And printed copies of documents would make the whole thing too bulky, and would most likely get pitched anyway.

    I know, I know, all of it is for naught since they will ignore it anyway - but humor me.


  • Pistoff

    1. Forbidding blood transfusions on the misunderstanding of a scripture.

    2. Allowing use of blood substances for vaccination, etc.

    3. Lying about the blood issue in Bulgaria.

    4. Lying about disfellowshipping or disassociating those who take a transfusion.

    5. NOT informing the rank and file in 2000 when they began to allow the use of hemoglobin.

    Can you tell I am pissed about the blood policy?

  • magoo

    ..........if jw's had there way magoo

  • AudeSapere

    607 was a huge deal for me. You were doing research at the library and saw a different date. Tried to prove the book wrong but couldn't.

    Do you know any teenagers who were DF'd? That is criminal Child neglect, in my opinion. When a person most needs their family to rally around them, they are cut off. Cruel and inhumane, too.

    The mere fact that you cannot freely voice these questions causes you to re-think your religion - which is exactly what we are encouraged to do in the scriptures - keep searching; make sure of all things.

    Blood - Huh? I might could accept 'no blood' and will willingly die for my beliefs, BUT now it's OK to take some but not all? I'm confused. And how do we get those blood factions in the first place? Since we can accept, does that mean we can donate? NO? How come?

    The two witness rule in child molestation cases. You know of some people here. Relate their stories in 2-3 sentences.

    At some point we have to make an accounting to Jehovah ourselves. At some point we have to decide that we personally cannot, in good conscience, sit in the Kingdom Hall and silently condone what we know is wrong. By sitting there saying nothing, we are complicit with the group. When the group is grossly wrong, and we are forbidden from speaking up, we must leave. And, just as Jesus pointed out the hypocracy of the Pharases, we are compelled to do the same - before God.

    I hope this helps get you started.


  • garybuss

    Raise your sights. Why not just take your story to the religion editor of your area's largest daily paper and tell it all. Talk about the investigative committees, the judicial committees, (expose their rule book) and the appeal committee. Explain the shunning practice and how it effects families.

    Do it before the trial. Then call a press conference and summon the same elders on your committee to the meeting by registered mail. Then have your attorney write them a very threatening letter and CC New York Bethel. Name a LOT of names in that letter.

    Make em PAY for messing with ya. Don't fold like a $2 suitcase in the rain.


  • Gerard

    Actually, giving them the finger in the shape of a well articulated DA letter beats any threat. I would not enclose photocopies of the 'issues' at hand but mention the transgression, names, dates and places.

    The blood thing is lamentable but it is all in the interpretation. Malawi/Mexico, UN, child abuse, Beth Sarim are all undeniable hipocresies and are food for thought.

    All the best with your new beguining.




    1. Fear based teachings. Demonism of all that is "different" from the JWs. Demonism. What they don't "get" is, like people, there are those I choose to associate with, and others I would rather not have association with. The Spirit world is like that as well. There are spirits of the nice kind, and others of the "unpleasant" kind. You get to choose who your associates are also in the spirit realm. Invite ones you desire to know, send away those you wish no part of. Isn't that what Jesus did? He invited angels to minister to him at times, and also told unpleasant spirits to "go away." Did he not?

    2. People choose religion like they choose friends. My father chose the jws because he needed a religion to "support" his already existing belief that women were "lesser than" men. He needed to dominate his wife (my mother). He needed to "punish" his family when they "disobeyed" because his was a punishing belief system---as are the jws. Just ask a disfellowshipped person whether or not they were "punished". Me . . . I choose to bask in the sunlight of God's Love in spite of being df'd. Happiness of my own choosing nullifies their "punishment".

    3. With the jws, everything is black or white. There are no shades of grey. There is no color. Sheep or goats. Everything is either "of god" or "demonized". Armageddon or paradise.

    4. Everyone in the congregation was disempowered, in that they gave away their control to someone above them in the heirarchy of their religion. Really intelligent ones were never acknowledged as such, because they weren't even allowed to become educated. Higher education was frowned on. Ones who desired to attend University were counselled to take up the pioneer work instead. "Clean windows for a living instead of becoming a doctor."

    5. The jws teach a limiting belief system and "conditional" love. With them you can only have god's approval if you are a jw. You can only have success if you are a jw. Those are lies. I gave myself permission to take on a healthier belief system, one of unconditional love. I am more functional (or successful) now than I ever was as a jw. I have set myself free because I truly have accepted the truth about the jws. And I have found the truth of the Bible since I left. It has nothing to do with any one religion. Doesn't the Bible say, "In every nation there are people who worship God and are acceptable to him."



    In our time..WBT$ Scandels:"The United Nations","Pediphiles","Rand Cam Engine Corp","Recieving money from a trust fund that includes stock from Tabacco Giant Phillip Morris,Accepting blood factions..How Many Jehovah`s Witness`s know anything about these scandels?..Not many...OUTLAW

  • OnTheWayOut

    The UN Library Card is one.

    I'm hung up on doctrine and misleadings from GENERATIONS and 1975 (There is also what Russel expected in 1914, but your average JW would say, He was wrong, now we are not.)

    There is the Bethel layoffs (World Elder body not caring for their own family, but not willing to step down).

    My thinking is still along the lines of avoiding things (in a printed letter that can be used against oneself) that I got from apostate sources and stick with doctrine and generally known stuff.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx guys and gals. I may try and incorporate some of the points.

    I am considering a two-tiered letter system. One to the elders that basically says 'Kiss my ruby red ass', and another personal letter to a few families in the congregation. I have to get it done though as the JC is scheduled soon. I won't go of course, but might ploy a date change or two to bug the elders a little. Last digs and all.

    I was wondering if maybe I should send a letter directly to Brooklyn stating that I intend to sue if any further inflammatory remarks are made or an announcement read with my name, just to stir it up.


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