The Uniting of Races ... Credit the Watchtower

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  • Kenneson

    I attended a lily white congregation in Louisiana before integration, so I missed out on all this unity of races you credit the Watchtower with. What I remember vividly in the news was the desegregation of parochial schools by the Catholics; they were way ahead of the public schools. Some racists even got excommunicated for defying the bishop. I'll tell you what else I saw. It was civil rights activists (black and white--Catholic, Protestant and Jew) who participated in marches and desegregated lunch counters, restaurants, beaches, churches and other public places. Where were the Jehovah's Witnesses? As far as I can see, they did nothing to bring about the changes that others effected. The church I attend today is composed of blacks, whites, Hispanics and Asians. There are inter-marriages and inter-friendships. And, yes, there is unity of races.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    Your a white boy ain't ya? YES I AM - and your point is??????????????
    My best friend is married to an african-american women - she is my wifes best friend. My cousin is married to somebody none -white ( from India). My brother - in -law is also and my sister.

    Stilla, i did not mean to suggest you were racist.

    What I meant to suggest was, if your a white boy, then perhaps you would not be as aware of racism around you then if you were not a white boy.

    Of course i have no way of knowing, it was just a thought......

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  • GentlyFeral

    Unracism amongst the Witnesses is a mixed bag. Yes, we have all those glorious MULTIcolor pictures in the publications, and the congregations are sure'nuff as diverse as the neighborhoods they're situated in – but when times are hard and marriages turn rocky, Brother Chicano tells his wife "I don't want my children playing with those n----rs!"

    (See, sister Honky can't even bring herself to type it.)

    And even in the pioneer school book, on a totally unnecessary page of jokes and riddles, appears this:

    Q. How do we know Jehovah isn't black?

    A. Because in Exodus 3:14 , Jehovah says "I am that I am," not "I is that I is."

    Yes, and it was a black brother who tried to tell Sister Honky that wasn't racist.

    But I assumed they all knew better. Imperfect Men ™.

    Still, we did worship together without a second thought – or much awkwardness from day to day, here on the Left Coast. That was the only thing I missed about worship when I left. The Unitarians – where I first landed – a fiercely unracist, but most of their congregations will drive you snowblind if you aren't careful. Honest to god, Sister Honky really is more comfortable in a black church these days. I'll even put up with Bible literalism from time to time if it means an integrated house.


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