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  • juni

    Hi Solo and your brother!

    I have 4 adult kids: oldest is 38, then 35,31,29. They have discussed the very same thing as you and your brother have. They feel that they learned what they don't want to get involved in and would never want their kids to experience that sort of life. They want their kids to be able to make their own choices. They all are successful in their careers and of course have all made bad choices at one time or another. Don't we all? They all still have issues that they deal with after being raised w/the JW mindset. The mind control was incredible and the hypocrisy rampant. But they have moved on and made good friends and enjoy life's pleasures.

    I know I as their parent wish I could have a "do over", but that's impossible. Now we get together for gatherings and I enjoy these occasions that I missed w/them as they grew up.

    Best to you both. I know that you will find a lot of people at this forum to help answer your questions. There is a lot of humor also.


  • AuldSoul

    Hello, Solo's brother!

  • jwfacts

    Hi Solo Bro.

    It is great that you are looking, because until you prove to yourself the Watchtower doctrine is outright wrong you will always have fear, guilt and wondering if it might be the truth lurking in the back of your mind. I have been in contact with many friends that left years ago that still think they are going to be destroyed at Armageddon. has a concise summary of many of the wacky old doctrine, and also helps show how many current doctrine are also wrong.

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    Hello to SOLO's brother.......Welcome to the UNconditional LOVE site

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    Welcome to the board!

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