2 weeks and still no response to DA letter

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  • exwitless

    OK-so, my husband, Little Drummer Boy, and I mailed our DA letter 2 weeks ago. We also sent one other letter to an older woman who was always very kind to us, explaining that we still care for her and to let her know she did nothing to "stumble" us (we knew she would worry about that). I didn't expect the woman to respond, as she would never "disobey" the organization to contact us. But, I am a little surprized that the elders haven't tried to call, send a letter, or something. Our letter said not to call or come to our home, but I really didn't think they would honor that! I'm just not sure what they're doing-are they having elders meetings to decide what to do about us (as if there's anything to do), or will they actually never contact us about this? Share your thoughts, please!

  • Finally-Free

    It took about a month until they announced that I DA'd. I warned them not to contact me, so they never came by or called.


  • Purza

    They may never contact you just make the announcement without letting you know when. You may just hear about your DAing through the grapevine.


  • jwfacts

    They made my announcement without telling me. They are not to put anything in writing, so if you have told them not to call they are probably signing with relief that they can announce you without having to waste time meeting with you either.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    if they do stop by or call. you can tell them. what amatter. i knew you guys couldn't read . let me read you my letter. again and then we will have a test on the letter to see of you understand it. 2nd grade stuff. "please do not call or contact me again" now what part of don't contact me again . are you having trouble understanding.? john

  • fullofdoubtnow

    It can take a few weeks, and they might just announce you without coming to see you. I wouldn't worry about it. They took a few weeks to announce me, and I handed my letter to the po, but as far as I was concerned, I was no longer a jw once I'd handed my letter over. It was their responsibility to make the announcement, not mine.

  • sass_my_frass

    Expect nothing from them. Live like they've announced it. You're out, celebrate it! If they do happen to make contact, tell them you're not interested and get on with your life.

  • fokyc

    See my reply under 'Do you smell?', sorry didn't mention that bit! I haven't noticed any strange aromas, probably just your pheromones.

    I have been waiting for a reply to one of my problems for over 13 years!! The elders etc. don't move very fast you know!


  • Honesty

    I called all my JW friends and told them the UN is not the Beast of Revelation cuz the Watchtower was affiliated with them for over 9 years so they had to be alright.

    The next day I called the PO and told him I resign. He had trouble understanding so I told him the Governing Body is full of apostates and I am severing all ties with them. He got the message and so far (almost 2 years) noone has called or stopped by. The shunning started almost immediately so it all turned out good.

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