Myers Briggs personality sorter

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  • serendipity

    Today I tested as an INFJ. In the past, I've also tested as an INTJ.

  • becca1

    jwfacts: thanks for that interesting study. I think maybe the "society" would view that study as proof of "putting on the new personality". Of course I agree with the scriptures that one should follow Christ's example and also to develope the fruits of the spirit, but I don't think it means to change the core personality. Doing so is against nature and can only lead to frustration and maybe even a breakdown.

    I have always tested enfj and I've taken many different tests over the years.

    Why do you guys think there are so many "n's" in here? We are a small minority yet here we are all lumped together? When my daughter took this test in school she was the only "n" in a class of 30. That's usually how it goes. Do you think maybe our intutive side causes us to question the "establishment" more than more concrete thinkers? Do you think we are more sensitive to suble changes and shifts and so our antenas poke up sooner than others? Is that why we've ended up in this boat, going against the flow?

  • LisaRose

    I have always tested as INFP, taken the test a number of times over many years. I did quite a bit of research on it. I felt it gave me insight to some of my personality quirks and I have used it to improve in many areas. It's one of the things that helped me break away from JW's . In my opinion, the society tends to favor ESTJ or ESFJ's as they are extroverted (enjoy the meetings), like things spelled out in a very straightforward fashion (Sensing as opposed to intuitive), and Judgers - who may have a tendency to have black or white, right or wrong thinking. I realized that I was a total wrong "Fit" in the organization. It wasn't my fault, I just wasn't wired that way. And others who took to it aren't 'better, just more suited to the lifestyle.

    It doesn't mean that other types would't also leave the org, but maybe the things required of JW's are maybe a bit easier to swallow for other types. I can't imagine anything harder for an INFP than to bank on doors trying to get people to change their religion! It never felt right to me.

  • GermanXJW

    I usually come out as INTJ but close to INTP.

  • jaguarbass

    istj Im a detention officer. Pretty accurate

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