Myers Briggs personality sorter

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  • Arthur

    Hey sass_my_frass,

    I am also an INFJ

  • purplesofa


    Just took it last week.........interesting stuff and pretty accurate.

    except the weaknesses.......I dont have any!!!!!

    edited to add: I was something else about 5 years ago......the protector I think.

    but last week it came out differently

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I came out INFJ. Reasonably accurate, or so my bf thinks.

  • thecarpenter
    Your Type is
    Strength of the preferences %

    Qualitative analysis of your type formula You are:

    moderately expressed extrovert
    slightly expressed sensing personality
    moderately expressed thinking personality
    moderately expressed judging personality

    Well, here is my score, I guess I'm moderately extrovert......

  • DanTheMan

    INFJ here

    I'm surprised that there's so many of us here, considering that it's supposed to be the rarest of the 16 types.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I'm ISFJ (78, 1, 25, 25)

    The links described me to a tee.

  • Amazing

    I have taken the Myers-Briggs test several times. LIkewise, I have taken several other prsonality type tests. I find them to be of limited value. We can take them one day, feeling a certain way, and get a different result than on another day when we feel differently. We can be in a certain situation, or around certain personalities, and react to things around us differently one day than we would on another day. The Myers-Briggs test, like other tests, are only a snapshot of what we are at the moment we take the test. They are little better than reading one's horoscope.

    I am sure some people feel that they are scientific, and feel this way because they find some level of accuracy. I can find accuracy in my horoscope. We tend to self-justify and relate to things that hold our interest. And, to the extent that Myers=Briggs conducted a study and found working averages, there is some level of science to their method, more so than horoscopes. But, the human mind and personality are far too complex for such simplistic tests.

    The most informative test I have participated in were not what I thought of me, but how others see me. I find that other people perceive me differently according to their experience with me. To some people, I am arrogant and pushy, while others see me a a soft little lovable fuzzball. I act different around different people. I write more strongly than I speak in person. I feel different and more confident around some people than I do others. Some people intimidate me, and I act shy and withdrawn. So, give me a Myers-Briggs test, and I will show you a dozen differing situations and personalities that can come from the same person.

    Jim Whitney

  • minimus

    I'm ESFP---only 8% of us around.

  • valkyrie

    INTJ, here.

  • TweetieBird

    Count me in on the INFJ...which is dead-on!

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