Part 2: Earthdance 2006 Photo Set

by OpenFireGlass 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • HadEnuf

    Man these pics just make me want to wear my tie-dyed t-shirt and smoke something. Love 'em!!!


  • Khrysanthemum

    Looks like a great time OFG!

  • OpenFireGlass
    I've been there several times. Ozomatli rocked the place a few years ago back when they were only a little L.A. band. I've been looking at the pictures to see if I recognize anyone, nobody yet.

    yeah... they rocked it again this year...

    Along with Blackalicious.... (no photos of Blackalicious, cause I danced me azz off)

    More awesome pics Mike .... Approximately How many people were there?

    This was a 5000 guest event... much more mellow than Reggae on the River, which is a 20,000+ guest event....

    Awesome pics, Mike. It's like a totally different world than anything I'm used to...

    You don't even know... But you will....

    PEACE, Mike

  • Simon

    That first pic looks like something out of the Wicker Man! (Edward Woodward* version)

    *Why does Edward Woodward have so many d's in his name?




    ... because otherwise he'd be called Ee-wah Woo-wah

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