Occult sublimal imagery-what`s your view?

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  • dido

    IC- i don`t call hiding images of the occult `fun`, i think it is quite dusturbibg as i have had experiences with demon attacks, and they are def not funny, in fact quite scary, so i do take offence that the watchtower has secretly been exposing me to it.

  • dido

    Oops again, `disturbing`.

  • daystar

    I'll suggest one item that tells me this person knows nothing about the occult and so is no authority on whether such images are occult in nature or not.

    letters JAh as used in the Occult

    On what is this person basing this assumption? The name "Jah" is actually used very rarely in occult circles. In fact, I've never heard that version of the name used. It lacks power. They might vocalize the letters of the tetragrammaton, Yod He Vav He, but simply Jah? Not likely. More occult is the WBTS' open usage of the actual hebrew letters of the name.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    dido, in your case and in cases of people that are sensitive to these things, I can see how they would be disturbing, what I meant is that to people like me and others here who no longer believe in the existence of the biblical Satan character or his demons it is quite amusing. I used to believe that demons at times bothered me when I had these vivid dreams where I couldn't move and I would feel their prescense and would try to say Jehovah's name (that's what we were told to do) but couldn't, anyway, I would wake my husband up making these weird noises and really freaked out, thankully I haven't had any more of those. I read this article on the web about sleep paralyses and it describes exactly what I felt, my mom also suffers from this but she is sure it's demons (she's a regular pioneer and has had this problem since she was a little girl), and it is hereditary, what they said is that what you will see is usually what you fear most, it's a very common thing, and many people like me confused it for demon problems. I was very glad to have read that, together with researching about the Satan beliefs and how they evolved to what is common belief now, I am glad to be free from those fears.

    Love and Peace to you dido,


  • NikL

    There has been a lot of stuff written about the Watchtower and hidden pictures on this site.
    I for on believe in subliminal advertising and know it is used in the secular world very extensively.
    Why, therefore wouldn?t the WTBS use this technology? They are trying to make their ideas stick just like an advertiser would.

    Subliminal means below the threshold (of conscious awareness)

    Where is a person's threshold of consciousness? It varies. I'm only noticing the air conditioner in the room because I decided earlier to use it as an example. But until the moment of starting this example I was not conscious of hearing the air conditioner. Would I have noticed if it stopped? I was now and then hearing snatches of music from the table radio, mostly when I stopped typing. Where was my threshold of consciousness in each of these moments? Awareness of the sub-liminal is relative.
    If you don't believe it, notice what happens when I remind you that you are reading this. Now you are more aware of an act that you were alrfrom eady doing. When I call your attention to it by mentioning it, from within the act itself, your level of consciousness jumps from one level to another. To read 'correctly,' you have to be unaware of doing it, at one level, while, at another level, being totally aware of it.
    Then there's your butt. It's touching something. Before I mentioned it, you probably weren't aware of it touching anything at all. But it's never disconnected from your brain. Yet in some way it WAS disconnected, gone--until I called your attention to it. Then, your butt was there again. When I start talking about something else, you'll stop noticing your butt again. I'll draw your attention somewhere else. To your tongue. Feel it in there, taking up all that space in your mouth? Now where'd that butt go?
    You'll mostly stop noticing it, but not totally. It's connected to your brain 24 hours a day. Normally, you shift your position when your butt tells you to, even if you are 'totally' engrossed in something going on outside your body, such as a sports event or a movie. That's an example of unconscious awareness, if you needed one.

    The reason that horrific imagery like skulls and monsters are used in advertising is that it is received by the brain as a challenge, we fear death, and in theory we will remember the ?product? better.
    Sexual imagery is used because we crave sex.
    Weird pictures that are deliberately not right?an arm at an impossible angle or a reflection that is not the same challenges the brain and again the idea is to get you to remember the thoughts being pushed.

    Of course there may be other reasons for what the WTBS does but I think it is just their attempt to manipulate the reader just like any advertiser would to sell their product

  • dido

    Ic- i have experienced night attacks, but do believe they are more than paralysis, but i do believe that there is a spirit life, or `ghosts` as my brothers house is haunted, and loads of stuff goes on there, like his drums start playing in the middle of the night, and also his organ. He got a vicar in to excorcise it, and it slammed the door in front of him, sent him packing, not the ghost. A lot of my family have experienced stuff when they have visited there, so i am convinced there is a spirit life out there. NikL- i know that a lot of subliminal imaging goes on in advertising, but i think there is more to it when it comes to the wtbs.

  • IP_SEC

    The idear we can be harmed by the occult is just superstitious wibber wabber. Therefore I got no problem with subliminal occult imagery.

    Funny pun though

    The word occult means "hidden"

    The word subliminal can mean close to the same thing

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