Occult sublimal imagery-what`s your view?

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  • greendawn

    True, we now know the true nature of the angels guiding the preaching work of the JWs. Angels of satan working as angels of light to promote a deception.

  • dido

    It has got to be evil, it is such an oppressive religion, causes so much heartache, and stressful lives, total control over everything, so glad to be free.

  • kerj2leev

    I wonder what alter they worship at when they sacrifice their children over the blood issue!!

  • daystar
    Yet mainstream Christians know that the demons are futile creatures, they are like trees that got struck by lightening during a first act of judgement.
    True, we now know the true nature of the angels guiding the preaching work of the JWs. Angels of satan working as angels of light to promote a deception.

    LOL! I think that if the GB were in contact and dealing with demons, the WBTS and its followers would not look as they do. If they are in contact with some demons who guide them, then they're pretty weak and stupid ones.

    You seem to proclaim that "mainstream Christians" possess a good deal of knowledge regarding demonology, greendawn. If you consider yourself a "mainstream Christian", from where do you obtain such occult knowledge? Have you performed many evocations? Invocations? How many demons have you personally been in contact with to have such an understanding of their true nature?

    edit: I should also add, greendawn, that I don't mean to sound confrontational here. It's more out of curiousity.

  • plmkrzy

    I won't click on the link I'm too suspicious it may infect my computer

  • dido

    plmkrzy- it`s quite safe, i can assure you, it`s worth a look.

  • greendawn

    Daystar, I don't invoke demons, why do you? Mainstream christianity does regard demons as fallen angels that have been cast off the presence of God and have nothing good to offer mankind. A catholic monk told me that demons are like stunned trees. I suppose they learnt a lot through the experiences of those that have intimate contact with demons and invite them into their hearts, pray to them and invoke their help. They bear energies that are very destructive to those receiving them.

  • daystar

    Sorry greendawn. I'm just not accustomed to taking other people's words alone at many things.

    No, I've never performed an invocation or evocation of a demonic nature. So, I suppose I cannot claim to really know any more than you can. But that is my point.

    I can read books about computers day and night, take the tests, maybe, maybe even get certified. But it's practically useless unless I actually have hands-on experience. But at very least, the books I read are written by people who have first-hand experience and haven't just prayed and "meditated" about it.

    Regarding the subliminal imagery in those pieces of "art", it's difficult for me to say one way or another. It's not uncommon for artists to hide images within their art. One artist friend of mine discussed with me a project once where he would design a piece of art with, for example, Christian imagery. Within that piece, however, he would hide very occult, pagan imagery as well. For example, he might design a piece that looked Christian in nature, but the piece would draw the eye across it in such a way as to form occult symbols.

    In my opinion, if someone is trying to place "occult" imagery in those pieces of art, they're doing a pretty crappy job of it. Just hiding skulls? Faces? Silly. If they were influenced by the occult or demons, why not hide symbols that are truly of an "occult" nature?

    *Edited to add: my friend also discussed the opposite; designing a piece that seemed overtly pagan in nature, to hide Christian symbolisms within it.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    I think the artists are just having some fun. Since I am convinced that the Satan belief is just BS, just research where these ideas came from and you will see that it is all a load of BS. Soooooooo there is no demonic crap, just humans doing evil things because they like to. The subliminal stuff is just funny, it can't harm you it's just done for entertainment purposes, or to creep out those that believe in this stuff.


  • Leolaia

    Most of the examples found in these sites are unconvincing (especially those that try to split an image into a mirror image and then find a scary shape in that manipulated image) and amount to an exercise similar to looking for faces of Jesus or Mary in cinnamon rolls and spoltches on the wall. The few examples that do not fall into this category (such as the picture of a ram that incongruously is displayed on the JW couple's table in the Live Forever book) are imho as ICBehindtheCurtain describes them.... just instances of artists goofing off. It is well known that artists commissioned to carve the plates used to produce currency and coinage would sometimes sneak their signature or other hidden elements into the overall image. Another example would be the animators for various Disney movies who allegedly slipped pornographic images into the medium. I seriously doubt that any of these would have been done with the organization's approval. Rather, such images could represent attempts by discontented Bethel artists to demonstrate that the organization is not "spirit-directed" if it prints such images in its literature, or they could just be an "inside joke".

    The image of the skull in the man's sleave that is displayed prominently at the top is probably one of the better examples. This is a true story....I was at the Sunday Watchtower study the week that Watchtower was being discussed (sometime in the late '80s), and I was looking at the picture of the man drinking from a jug when suddenly that skull just popped out at me and I almost jumped out of my seat. I then asked the brother who sat next to me (who I confided my "postate leaning" thoughts to) if he could see anything in the picture, and he saw it too. And not just that, but he pointed out the "Jah" in the teeth which I had not noticed myself. He thought it was funny, but I found it very disturbing to see that in a Watchtower. And I wonder, around the country, how many other people noticed that picture during the Watchtower study. When I got home, I scoured all my bound volumes looking for another picture like it...but no, I couldn't find anything quite like it.

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