cheesiest movielines

by tijkmo 23 Replies latest social entertainment

  • aquagirl

    in titanic,when dicaprio was handcuffed to a pipe and the water was rising and the boat was like popping and exploding and he says"this looks bad", slays me....i also think its fiendishly funny when he slips beneath the surface in his final scene.just sorta staring out from the depths as he sinks...too funny...

  • free2beme

    One of the dumbest lines I remember, was in Star Wars three, where the woman says to Anikan "Hold me like you did, near that lake in Naboo." I nearly spit my coke out and yelled, LAME!!!!!!!

  • jojochan

    Here's one that I love and can't wait to use one day.

    "I'll see you in another life, when we are cats." Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky just before he jumps off the building.


  • RR

    "I can't quite you!" LOL

    That's the only line I know, since I never saw the movie

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