cheesiest movielines

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  • crankytoe

    Nicholas Cage in Con Air

    "Put down the bunny,"

    I won't even mention where this one came from,

    "Anakin, you're breaking my heart..You're going down a path I can't follow,"

    "Duuh, because of Obi-Wan?"

    "No dumbass! Because of what you just f*cking said that you plan to do!"

    "LIAR!! You brought him here to kill me, now I'm soo pissed I'm going to choke you from three feet away"


  • Nowman

    Dismemebered, I knew I was saying it wrong, I knew someone would correct humble apologies . Yet, I own the movie, and you'd think I would have memorized it by now...I really wanted to post the part about the note to the "gasman", "how'd they know I got gas"....You gonna correct me on this one too?


  • Dismembered
    You gonna correct me on this one too?

    Nah you're too cute


  • tijkmo
    "Stay alive, no matter what occurs! I WILL find you!" - Daniel Day-Lewis to Madeleine Stowe in Last of the Mohicans. I like to say it to my daughter whenever I drop her off somewhere... or even when she's just walking into the bathroom.

    ha ha ...she must love you for that

  • monkeyshine

    Careful Nowman,

    That's "suckin' back on grampas ole cough medicine. Gimme that you little pumpkinpie haircutted freak...


    Yes, careful, it's a classic.-lol

    How about, "I got the need for speed" -Top Gun --I get embarrassed just hearing that! Tom cruise is THE worst.


    Samuel L. Jackson's line from Snakes on a Plane:

    I am sick of these mother&^#$ing snakes on this mother*#&^ing plane.
  • stillajwexelder

    -Top Gun --I get embarrassed just hearing that! Tom cruise is THE worst.

    Said to Tom Cruise also in Top Gun Son, your ego's writing checks your body can't cash

  • Emma

    "You complete me. or You had me at hello." Ditto! (the quote thingy isn't showing... )

  • monkeyshine

    Anyone remember in 'Full Metal Jacket' when Private Joker was arguing with that big jar head dude (after boot camp and in the war) and the jar head said "You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?"

    Not so bad except for the reaction by everyone there. "Wooooooooo....Oooooooo..." Like he said something that was so impressive.

    Pretty corny

  • BizzyBee

    Tom Cruise again: "Help MEEEEE help YOUUUUU!"

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