Do you ever feel like you are still defending what the bible says?

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  • Sassy

    I found myself in an interesting situation.. I've been spending some time on some non JW related boards and one day I ventured into the Religion forum.. before I knew it I was there posting about if Satan was created evil/ if God intended him to be that way.. and also discussing the free will given to us (and the Angels) to make our own choices to be obedient or not..

    Well I haven't found a faith since leaving the dubs.. I still believe in God but I have yet to trust any organized religion. I haven't even yet been able to bring myself to attend a church, because the thought alone give me anxiety attacks. So any way there I was talking about what the bible says on this board and I thought, am I crazy? I don't even know what I believe!! or what truths IF ANY I was taught....

    so what was I doing?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Yeah, I think I understand. While I am new to leaving the WTS, still just starting to get out, I have conversations at work (they know me as a JW). I used to do well at defending a position, and some noticed a change now. But, yeah, you understand things better than the average never-a-JW. You want to stick your neck in there. I would say, "Don't bother" on a religious discussion forum, to try to win an argument with strangers. We have a common bond on this forum, and can say our piece, that should give you enough to say. But just posting a thought about the Bible over there would be okay, just don't let them drag you in, so you can defend your former understanding. I talk at work, but never in a way that will cause argument. I appreciate controversial talk, but get out of it, if I want to.

  • Sassy

    Well this wasn't a religous board, just a board that had one forum for religion.. and to be honest, I think I knew more about what the bible said than most did that were posting. As a matter of fact one of the guys commented on how I knew my biblical stuff.. that I knew things that most people didn't..

    I got so frustrated though because I thought WHY am I arguing with them when I have my own doubts! Its crazy!

  • JH

    I will defend what the bible says, as long as it matches my way of living....

  • fullofdoubtnow

    When I first left, I would sometimes find myself giving the bible's viewpoint on ceratin issues, but I haven't done that for a while now. I tend to avoid religious/political discussions if I can, and if I do get asked my opinion to say as little as possible. One or two at work still ask what the jws take on world events is likely to be, even though they know I've keft, but I usually tell them to ask the active jw who works in our area, or the next one they meet on the ministry.

  • OnTheWayOut
    WHY am I arguing with them when I have my own doubts! Its crazy!

    It's not crazy. It's self-therapy. If it helps you, do it. If you doubt what you are saying, phrase it differently: "Many/some people believe..." "I used to think..., now I don't know." If you still stand by a belief, state it that way.

    I think it's okay to say what you want. I meant don't bother to try to WIN an argument. The old religion and politics rule.

  • 5go

    In a word, no! google bible contradictions, errors, and vs science. Let the bible deffend it's self.

  • mkr32208
    I will defend what the bible says, as long as it matches my way of living....

    The gay guys on futurama with noahs ark, two kinds of each animal all same sex... One guy says to the other "there are some parts of the bible I like and some I don't like"

  • kid-A

    No. I have no desire to defend the primordial ramblings of nomadic desert wanderers written thousands of years ago. "Fiction" does not require a defence, only a subjective interpretation.

  • Sassy

    its funny when I talk to my boyfriend I'll say.. Well WHEN I was a JW I believed... etc etc etc..

    because most things we talk about are more future things like what happens after death..and obviously now I have NO CLUE

    but then these guys were trying to say God created evil.. I guess I still believed what we were taught, that it is our free will to make choices, not that God set us up to fail..

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