Jesus Camp, the movie. Trailer freaked me out.

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  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    UNBELIEVABLE! Very scary stuff, these people's agenda is to do precisely what the founding fathers tried to undo and that is to have the church run the country. When are people going to let go of these myths and move on already?


  • shera
  • itsallgoodnow

    I don't think I could stomach the movie. This sort of thing just makes me so angry. We can only hope it's all a passing fad, but.... I'm afraid of what our future will look like when more of this becomes the norm. It's like I always say, it's a very fine line between many christian faiths and religious terrorism. I wish people wouldn't walk into these things with their eyes and minds closed, but they do. Nobody learns from history. Everyone is so angry and animalistic. We only pretend to be living in a modern world, but we are not so progressive. For every step forward there are 3 steps back.

    It makes me sad... and worried about the future.

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